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  1. Found the problem the z axis stepper did not work probably, tightened the screws and it s working again.
  2. Hello, I updated the Firmware on my ultimaker and now the scale on the z axis is always wrong. A part which is 36 mm in z direction in cura, is only 22 mm high after printing. Any ideas what the problem is? Cheers, Matthias
  3. Hello everyone, I m currently building 3 ultimakers on my own. I got everything but I still need the laser cut parts. I always had access to a laser cutting machine in Maastricht, Netherlands, but I couldn t go there in the last couple of weeks and will not be there soon. Does someone know where I can get the laser cutter parts maybe online? Or does someone know a fablab where I can gut the parts in Germany? Cheers, Matthias
  4. Could find the stepper with the D Shaped shaft yet. Don t really wanna do it on my own. Any ideas?
  5. I bought one Ultimaker Original Ultimakers and now I building 3 more on my own. I am using the printer for product development and design stuff and it helps to develop significantly faster. Since two weeks we are using the printer extensively and need more capacity. If you ask me every engineer or designer should have his own 3d printer on his desk. It s relatively small investment which speeds everything up. I am building ultimakers because I already know quite a lot about it, it is reliable and the quality is good. It s pragmatic solution for getting 3d prints. @MSURunner I looking for t
  6. Hi Amano, Only red good stuff about robotdigg. He is shipping from china and the prices are plausible. Will order the pulleys there. When do you plan to order the belt, I need 4 sets? Cheers, Matthias
  7. This shop is interesting, does anyone have experiences with this online shop? When buying the gt2 belts which sizes do I have to buy? Cheers, Matthias
  8. Hi Chopmeister, Would be great if you can post it. Any idea where I can find the gt2 pulley with the 8 mm hole?
  9. Hi Amano, Would be interested in joining your bulk order. Can I still join? Cheers, Matthias
  10. Hi Philip, Do you know if the steppers with 0.9° are more precise? Could be an option to get a higher level of precision or Cheers
  11. Hello, I have my Ultimaker Original for nearly 2 weeks and I really enjoy using the printer. Im kind of printing 24/7 at the moment. I would like to have 2 or 3 more Ultimaker Original, to have printers in different locations. Having a printer on the desks very much speeds up design processes. I wanna build the printers kind of from scratch sourcing the parts from Ultimaker, different online shop, Ebay and Alibaba. Except the Nema 17 stepper motors I have nearly every part, I m not sure which steppers I should by with 0.9° or 1,8°. Which online shop is selling the steppers for a
  12. Hi, I am starting a similar project, would be great to work together. And get input from people, which have already build an ultimaker on their own. Cheers
  13. It is a UM1 standard, I m using it since last week, everything is standard. How can I adjust the steps-per-mm calibration in the firmware? Can the shrinkage be reduced by using a heat plate?
  14. Hello, I really enjoy printing with my new Ultimaker. Nevertheless I know observed several times that the scale of printed parts is not accurate. I m printing parts for a mechanical prototype, which should be mass produced out of aluminum next year. In the cad drawing the part has a size of 50 mm x 149 mm. When I imported the stl into cura the measures were still the same. Nevertheless the printed part had measures of 49 mm x 142 mm. I searched on cura for settings to maybe solve the problem but I couldn't. For me it sounds like a problem with the gcode, but I have no idea how to ha
  15. Thanks for your help, I added a belt tensioner and no it seems to work. Cheers, Matthias
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