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  1. David sls1 3d scanner for sale Brought just over a year ago for £2100. Been used twice. complete in box. For sale for £1250 Please contact me. http://mailto:photos@photosos.co.uk
  2. I changed the feeder due to this issue. I'm now using the Irobertl v2 feeder. I find if the tension is too light the filament will grind rather then flatten.
  3. Hi guys. Having problems with filament getting flattened when I'm printing something heavy on retraction. The filament gets so flat that it wont pass through the feeder. I have adjusted the spring tension but can't get it to stop doing this. Any help on this will be great.
  4. Before I got my um2 my favourite thing was agisoft photoscan ( photogrammetry software), which gave me a nice sharp 3d scan of my wife's head. I edited the mesh and included a handle.To make the mould I created a box and Boolean subtracted the cup in the centre of the box and in meshmixer I split the box in two halves to make mould. I printed both halves of the mould separately, sliced in cura using expert settings. layer height 0.1 with an infill of 5% and no supports. once the mould had printed I put both halves together and added the soft natural clay around the imprint making sure the I used enough pressure to capture all the detail. I used a pestle with a bit of water to smooth out the inside of the cup. I waited for it to dry and then removed from the mould. my first attempt came out perfect except the handle got ripped off in the mould due to the clay shrinkage so adding the handle needs to be done once removed from the mould. Sadly I had to remake this since my 5 year old daughter got hold of it and dropped it on the floor. luckily I had the mould and can make as many of these as I need. I will post some more photos of the process soon.
  5. Cup mould for a 3d scan of my wife printed on the ultimaker 2 and cast in clay. Just need to get a small kiln to fire it.
  6. Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has any tips on printing with abs. I have an ultimaker 2 and I can print with PLA no problem, but when I use ABS it always lifts away from the build plate due to warping and if It does not warp away from the build platform then it seems to split and warp some layers higher up on the print. Any advice would be great!
  7. Thanks a lot. I moved the head with my hands and noticed it was stiffer in the y direction. so I used some machine oil on the rod and it seems to have sorted the problem. Any ideas on the build plate not heating?
  8. Got a bigger problem now. Build platforms stop heating up. Any ideas as to what this could be?
  9. Hi people! My um2 has just developed a very high pitch squeal on the y axis. every move on the y axis makes this unbearable noise. I put a bit of machine oil on the bars but this has done nothing. I think the sound is coming from the left motor. Does anyone know what this could be?
  10. thanks for all the advice, but as soon as I updated the software and firmware I got much better results and the I discovered the build plate was to close to the extruder. lol! just one more question. when I print from the sd card the plate temperature raises to 75 but the print head stays at 0 unless I go into the tune settings and raise it manually. is this normal?
  11. Thanks for the advice. looks like the mess at the end of the print is down to material not cooling quick enough. I would like to try the two simultaneous prints, but how can I get them to print at the same time rather than one after the other?
  12. It does not just sit there and melt, it swirls around whilst chucking out a lot of material. to be honest I think there is a fault. I'm printing at 220 on the quick print settings. could someone tell if these things are faults. 1. It does not print when I click print. I have to go into the jog settings and jog the x, y and z, otherwise it will start printing with the build platform at the bottom. 2. the prints are printed on the platform about 2cm to the left from where they are on cura. so does this mean the x and y are out of alignment. 3. some times it prints with no material coming out because the filament has retracted half way down the clear tube. some times the material comes out in spots like there's a blockage. most of the time when printing, the feeder make a ticking noise every 3 seconds, I would not think anything about it but the manual says this indicates a blockage. 4. when the print has finished the print head does not cool down and the platform does not lower. Is this normal? 5. I ran the bed levelling wizard in cura and when it drew a line round the plate the print head smashed into the metal clip that holds the glass on the platform. it take it that can't be right. could someone please advise since I have only had the machine 3 days and I need to make sure that these things are faults and nothing I could have done before I get the shop to replace the machine.
  13. Can anyone tell me why this happens at the end of every print. This only happens on objects that are curved, not square objects though. It just keeps poring material in a circular motion and destroying the print.
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