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  1. thanks for the prompt reply ian, i have the ultimaker 1, how would u go about that?
  2. Hi guys, a quick noob question... how does one heat up the nozzle without having to print something? the older versions of cura had this option but i cannot find this option in the latest version. i have a blockage so i just want to heat it up to clean it a bit. thanks
  3. hi, i have a problem: whenever i try to print the sample ultimakerbot (or anything else) and i press print, the print control window opens up, the temperature graph starts to move towards the left direction, the printer state is operational, it displays and updates the temperature but as soon as i click on something like "print" or "speed" or "220degrees" or anything else, it crashes, always. i already tried different versions of cura, updated the marlin software and tweaked the baudrate and port settings. but nothing works. has anybody experienced a similar problem? thanks
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