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  1. Hi, i have an Ultimaker 2, whenever i start a new print and the print head goes to the start position in the back left of the box it shudders very loudly, it does this for a couple of seconds. It has done this since i received the machine, Is this normal? If not how do i fix it? i dont want to break or damage my new machine.
  2. Thanks for the additional replies, i found that the settings suggested above seemed to clean up the top surface to a degree, i have also been experimenting with using acetone vapor to give a good final surface finish. The settings i am using are: Minimum Travel (mm) = 1 Enable combing = false Minimal Extrusion before retracting (mm) 0
  3. Hi, thanks for the advice, i will work through the suggestions and see if i can make some improvements.
  4. Hi, i have recently purchased a ultimaker 2, i have been working through various designs and i am trying to improve the surface finish of the top of one of my designs. The print head seems to slice up the layer into triangular sections and this leaves visible lines on the surface. Is it possible to have a more consistent surface finish
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