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  1. I have three Ultimaker printer and I would like use Cura 2.1.3 with my Delta printer... Have you any plan to solve this?
  2. Hi, Daid, It's an honnour speak with you! I think ULTIMAKER should manage better the communication with the customers. We can understand logistical/technical reasons as you expose here: We can't understand the total lack of information. Anyway, we all must go ahead! Furthermore, I wish to congratulate you on the development of CURA and the successive versions. Really, it is a great work!!! Best regards, Oscar Santana.
  3. Finally, I've received my second UM1 (I've bought the first a year ago...). I "only" waited for 10 weeks... Well... I wish this great company could resolve these problems that have originated so many inconvenients on their customers.
  4. SandervG, I'm still waiting a response ! Oscar Santana. Posted 16 May 2014 - 04:38 PM Sander vG, My order is : #R565862286 Thank you! Oscar.
  5. No news at all ... (I've calculated, from the posts I've read, a lead time 8-10 weeks.. for the UM1 kit) (When I've ordered last time, announced lead time was "We have a lead time of 1-3 business days after receiving payment")
  6. Sander vG, My order is : #R565862286 Thank you! Oscar. (Kind regards, Zoev89 !!)
  7. Thank you, Madian. After your comment, I've decided to have a little more patience. Nevertheless, I've send two emails requiring information in order to readjust my plannings (I use my 3d printer work for client orders...) I have'nt received neither confirmation reception nor response at all. I don't understand such a commercial mistakes...
  8. I've ordered an original UM1 kit on 10 April. I'm still waiting ("Shipment:Ready") The posts I'm reading are worrying me. Is the logistic problem resolved or the delays are cummulatives?
  9. I miss an additional parameter about the "support" options included in "Expert Settings". This parameter could be named "treshold" and if would give some control about the scope of the generated structures. Being "treshold=100%" the default value, the calculated value by the aplication now, any variation would increase or decrease the scope/size the support structures generated. This idea comes from some prints which haven't support at a specific point (aplication doesn't consider necessary...and my print crashes) or some prints I'd like decrease at minimun the support structutures in order
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