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  1. Looks like it's sorted (some how). I've updated the firmware to the latest version and problem has gone. Thanks for your help. Dave
  2. Thanks reibuehl. I've got into where the temp sensor is seated and made sure everything is in properly. When i go to "heatup nozzle" i get a reading of 26°C/0°C. If i then click on this and increase the desired temperature the measured value steadily builds up, goes beyond the desired temp by around 10% and then settles back down. This works with no issues. Even at temperatures above 230°C. The error message comes when i select "Insert Material". The machine will go through the process of heating the nozzle and then invites you to insert the material as the feeder kicks in. This l
  3. Hi, Was hoping someone could help with this one. After about a minute of the nozzle heating i get this message. I've checked all connections and everything seems fine. I've swapped the two temperature cables around but the issue still remains when heating the nozzle. Online guidelines state this would indicate a problem with the main board. Anybody know where i go from here? Thanks, Dave
  4. Thanks everyone. I've now managed to print a successful bronzefill model (taken from thingiverse). I reduced the infill to 20% and put the speed up. I gave the nozzle a very good clean out before printing and everything went fine. Pics below. Once print was finished i sanded back with wet and dry, then used a wire brush, then scotch brite, then final polish with wire wool and brasso. Once dried i then treated the model with gilders paste before giving it a final polish. Thanks again everyone for the help. Dave
  5. I wasn't aware of different extruded feeders? Is this the wheel which feeds the material yes? If so then I'm just u sing the standard one that was on my UM2 when I purchased it.
  6. I'm still not sure what it is I'm doing wrong. I've done all of the settings as mentioned but am still getting under extrusion, with the annoying clicking sound as the material is failing to feed.
  7. I'm currently trying to open a dxf pointcloud file (taken from a 3d camera, used for glass sub surface etching) and converting it into a mesh and then a printable model. I've tried lots in mesh lab and solid works but keep hitting a brick wall. Any suggestions welcome. I can also send the file if anyone's willing to have a go for me. Cheers, Dave
  8. Thanks chaps, I know what you're saying about no need to print 100% . My only reason being was to achieve a heavy feeling model. Cheers, Dave
  9. Sorry, I didn't give much detail on my settings (screenshot below). also forgot to mention that i'm attempting a 100% infill model. I have cleaned the nozzle after clogging, but what is the "atomic method"? Thanks, Dave
  10. I'm still attempting to get a decent print with bronzefill, and after a couple of really frustrating weeks I thought I was there. Im printing on an UM2 at a temp of 220, with flowrate of 104%, fans of full. Everything goes fine for start of the print and then I get under extrusion for the final 25%. anyone have any ideas? very welcome. Below is an example of this. Cheers, Dave.
  11. Wow, certainly one with talent. Looks amazingly detailed.
  12. Looks amazing! What were all of the settings you used? I've got an UM2 and am having real problems with a successful print. I'm also trying to print similar type face scans as yours. Also, how did you get your scan? It's really high quality? Dave
  13. Blockage gone! Didn't need to break down the head in the end, used the wire and manually feeding material repeatedly. Eventually material started flowing. Thanks everybody for your help. Dave
  14. Yes I have tried this a few times and all I'm getting is a little bubbling comin out of the nozzle, but it's not clearing. I think I'm going to remove the whole print head as you say. Any things too watch out for or be aware of when breaking the head down? Thanks, Dave
  15. It's an UM2. Yes I've put in pin in when hot, but it just seems the bronzefill has built up and won't shift from the nozzle. Do I need to replace the nozzle?
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