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  1. Hi braddock, what were you settings to get a surface like that. It looks awsome. How you get this Bronze touch? Regards Patrick
  2. Hi Stefan, Ich würde den Ultimaker gerne behalten weil er echt gut läuft, aber ich habe aufgrund von familären Veränderungen überhaupt keine Zeit mehr dafür. Und ihn nur rumstehen lassen wäre schade. Ich habe den Preis in dem Ursprungsthread immer angepasst deswegen sieht du glaube ich die Änderung nicht. Gruß Patrick
  3. Hi, I think you are right I checked the z axis manually and there was some kind of resistance at a defined position. So I cleaned everything up and added new fat and oil and now the behaviour is gone. Probably some kind of dirt. Thanks for the help Regards Patrick
  4. Hi gr5 thanks for you reply. Do you really think it could be the z axis? I made a vase today and made another two fotos. Vase means only 0.4 mm thick continuas rise I think: I used 0.1 mm. I had 220 degree temperature. I live in Germany. Thanks Regards Patrick
  5. Hi guys I have some strange surface its not so smooth the I expect do you have an idea what could be the cause of that: It looks like it has some kid of repeatance so every 5 layers or so. Thanks Patrick
  6. I am selling an assembled Ultimaker for VB 1199€ (without shipping). I bought it in April 2012. The first print was done in may. I printed a lot of stuff from thingiverse and some own designed stuff. After some trouble at the beginning I learned a lot (Thanks to the community) and get it running so it now runs smootly. I printed some parts for adjusting z axis and to tightening the belts as well. Some month ago a builded a heathed bed as well. My offer contains the following: 1x fully assembled Ultimaker 1x UltiController + 2GB sdcard 1x PLA filament Green 1x PLA filament Grey 1x PLA filament Black 1x PLA filament White 1x PLA filament Transparent 1x ABS filament Red 1x Blue tape 3M Scotch 1x Capton Tape 1x PowerSupply for Heated bed I made the following upgrades 1 x Ulticontroller Kit 1 x Extruder Ugrade Kit V2 1 x Knureled bolt upgrade 1 x Heated Bed Please have look at the following pictures. http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_394/gallery_32628_394_12750.jpg http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_394/gallery_32628_394_122370.jpg http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_394/gallery_32628_394_88040.jpg http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_394/gallery_32628_394_145729.jpg http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_394/gallery_32628_394_248275.jpg http://ultimaker.ipbhost.com/uploads/gallery/album_394/gallery_32628_394_31236.jpg I live in Germany nearby Stuttgart. If you like you can take it from there I will also send it through Europe. Thanks Patrick
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