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  1. Great info thank you! I discovered the source of my problem, what was keeping the wheel from turning. The side parts were potruding on the sides as if the wheel was shoved inside but didn't fit. So I took it off to get a better look and it was pretty clearly not fitting correctly. I pulled the wheel out and compared it to the images to the ones at this link: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Ultimaker_rev.4_assembly:_Material_feed_mechanism and realized the side parts were installed incorrectly. So I took it apart and pieced it together, but the sides are clearly warped. The middle piece is also damaged, probably related to the damaged screw. This is a preassembled kit I purchased from Makershed. I'm worried that these parts are too damaged because of incorrect assembly. Should I contact Ultimaker support to see if I can get replacement parts, or Makershed?
  2. Well I couldn't find the same screw, there is another shop that will be open monday that may have it. In the meantime I tried to straighten the damaged one to see if it affected anything. The printing looked worse at first, then I double checked the caliper measurement and made an adjustment and it appeared exactly the same as what was pictured above. Should the smaller plastic wheel be moveable? I noticed when I tried moving it with my finger it didn't budge, even when completely unscrewed.
  3. I'll go to the hardware store today and hopefully they will have a screw like this one. I'll install it and post an update to show if it solved the problem.
  4. It looks like the screw is bent, it turns at an angle and becomes difficult to continue where I think it reaches the bend. I'll pick up some calipers tomorrow.
  5. This is the first print I've made with my Ultimaker(original). Using the filament that came with the printer. As you can see, something is off. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. From other images I've seen it looks, to my untrained eye, as if it isn't hot enough - but at 220 that seems off. Happy to provide any other information that is helpful! 220 print temp 50mm/s print speed Fill Density 20% Layer height 0.1 Shell thickness 0.8
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