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  1. Hello gurus. I need an advice: in the last few weeks I saw that my UM1 sometimes has some problems in Y-Axis movement. This happens always in the first layer printing and more or less in the same position. The belt strarts slipping for a while. I tried to increase the tension of the belt. I alredy tried to align the axes (more than one time), but it looks it did not solve the problem. When I try to move the head by hand, I actually feel it a bit hard to push, especially in some specific positions. But I don't know how to fix this (more than trying to align axes). Any suggestions?
  2. I more or less solved it with two things: 1. I aligned better the bed 2. I changed the filament. The one I was using was not so good.... Thanks to all...
  3. Hi. I'm learing how to use my UM original with its new heated bed kit just mounted. I'm struggling in getting good prints. For example, look at the picture below: In the first layer I'm getting this bubbles. I though it was the heated bed too hot, so I tried to print with cold bed, but I have the same results. Do you know what can be done for this? Thanks, cips
  4. Hello. I just installed the HB kit on my UM original. All fine, except the z-stop switch. The metal wing of the switch looks shorter than the one in the assembly guide. And actually the protruding part is not hitting it. The microswitch in the HB kit is exactly of the same dimensions of the one I have in my UM original. May be I did something wrong during mounting? Thanks for your help.
  5. I tried to slow down. It's better, but not perfect. I'll try to print multiple objects. Thanks,
  6. Hi gurus, I'm trying to print out this tiny object: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=e0mnfl&s=8#.VILzgF28rsM As you can see the result (printed in ABS) is not very good: borders are not clean and so on. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=b6d0gl&s=8#.VILzy128rsM I tried to print the same in PLA and the result is much better. Any suggestion for the ABS settings: I tried with 245 degrees and a layer of 0.2. It looks like there is a bit of overextrusion, or am I wrong? Settings are: print speed: 100mm fill densiti 100% tem: 245 flow 100% Thanks,
  7. Thanks for your suggestions James!
  8. OK, I was able to solve: I tried to heat the nozzle at 230 degrees and then I left it for a while. Then I tried to push again the filament...a bit more and then.....SPLAT....a bunch of pla suddendly came out from the nozzle. Ok, now it seems to be usable again. I don't know what caused this anyway. One question for you: are the cleaning tool sold on ebay useful in these cases? I mean something like this: http://www.goodluckbuy.com/drilling-head-for-3d-printer-nozzle-cleaning-0-5mm-0-4mm-0-3mm-3-size-pack-.html Thanks for your attention.
  9. Hi experts. I'm asking for an advice. I just updated my UM1 firmware with the one coming from the last Cura version. I don't think this is related to the problem, but I tell you to give the complete picture. Anyway, it looks like the nozzle is in some way clogged: I'm able to push the PLA filament freely through the bowden tube, until the nozzle. Here, no matter how much I push, it looks like it is completely clogged. I tried to increase the temperature of the nozzle, but no luck; nothing is coming out from the other side. Do you have any suggestion to troubleshoot this? I don't know what
  10. Hello experts. Anyone of you tried to convert the Ultimaker 1 to use 1.75 filament? I found this procedure: http://cargocollective.com/scottmayson/Ultimaker-1-75mm-Filament-Conversion It looks quite straightforward, but I'd like to ask your exeperience if someone tried to do it and if there is something specific to know. Thanks for your help. cips
  11. cips

    Stable base

    Hello. I have a question: I would like to know how much is important to have the printer on a very stable base (a table) for the printing quality. I'm asking because the table where I placed the printer, when the printer head is moving, have a bit of movements on legs. Not so much, but visible. To me, the printer is working fine in any case, but may be it's because I never seen a print with a stable table. Thanks, cips
  12. Hi. Yes, here it is http://imagebin.org/290503 It is much more readable, even if not perfect. Thanks,
  13. By printing this vertically, I had a better result. It is interesting what you said about printing with two color: if I well understood I should print a thin layer with the letters, then change the filament and print the tag (without holes for the letters). Is this correct? Thanks, cips
  14. Hi. Here are the retraction settings I used: retraction on/off: ON min travel : 0.5 min extrusion before retracting : 0 enable combing: disabled retraction distance: 6.5 retraction speed: 40 Now, I'll try to print this vertically.
  15. I attach two picture. The first was my attempt: http://imagebin.org/287566 The second was done with the suggestion of Illuminarti, but I forgot to reduce printing speed....so just for the records: http://imagebin.org/287567 I put the picture on imagebin since it looks I'm not able to attach them here. thanks for your help!
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