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  1. Jason, my relay from like version 2 burnt up and I'd like to get a new one... I may also like to get a few more of your rev 3 heated bed kits with all the extras... I have already purchased some of Ultimaker's "official" heated bed kits but they are way way way more $$$ and I think you still have a huge market as far as offering another option that is pretty killer for extra printers that one can experiment with... please get back to me and I will order some right away, thanks.
  2. I am not for PLA, I do pretty much the same as you for PLA, however the use of the heated bed for me was for ABS and it's similar cousins... I learned about using the PET tape trick from using my Airwolf 3DHDs as I get better adhearance with the PET and Elmer's purple disappearing gluesticks. My Ultimaker 2 with ABS and just glass does not adhear as well with ABS.
  3. i really really h8 shipping companies alot of the time. So sorry and I'm sure Ultimaker will take care of you.
  4. I totally love the heated bed provided by Jason Wu on eBay: http://stores.ebay.com/3dphk/%C2%A0 http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/161157442118?lpid=82 http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/151272164070?lpid=82 I did completely wreck and burn out my RAMPS controller board, but luckily had a pro soldering friend rescue the board and solder in the correct resistor. The 24 volt power supply works well... there were a few items as far as how the screws go in and how the aluminum bed sits and I'll post details, pictures, howtos and how I handled the issues ASAP... I'm using the glass with either 3m blue t
  5. Jason, As you know I bought your kit and the one before it. If you posted pictures of it (very clear pictures) of every connection where the bed is hooked up to the Ultimaker, the RAMPS board, the relay, to the power supply --- every connection... it would be EXTREMELY helpful and I know it would drive sales. This is the best kit I've seen available so far.
  6. However much you want for a complete kit. I built my ultimaker from a kit, I built in the dual extrusion and I'm a little tired at this point. I would love something plug and play at this point. Please, someone put together a real kit that is as easy to install as possible. I would pay $300 for something like that or around that... really at this point I'd go higher... there's so much different info out there it's confusing and I have heated bed envy looking at all the platforms that have something they can just order.
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