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  1. Is it a good idea if we share stuff for upgrade that can be use on other brand of printer? So in the event of doing this make other brand user to come over and see how YourMagine is doing and the great stuff we sharing, even their printer can use and print. Don.t forget more will get to see how well UM can print if we add more video of the process in printing and the finial product image. :idea:
  2. So any news? Sure will be great to be able to print support with different material.. :cool:
  3. Anyone from Singapore or Malaysia?
  4. Hi, I am new here too, just like you. patiently waiting for UM. Just wish they can let me have a date... :???:
  5. I was reading the post “Hello from France” and in the post he wrote “ I am about to click on the "Buy" button soon but I still have some questions to ask before…” So I was feeling kind of happy that I just click the Buy bottom and waiting happily for my UM2… (not MB). :oops: And thats how i wrote my post.. Overjoy I guess.. my bad… :mrgreen: Anyway its not bad too. After reading all the respond, make me feel more happier in the purchase. :cool: BTW, the MB 5th Gen really looks nice... BUT... they still need to show me how the Print Head MOVE!!!... at less. :???: :roll: :idea:
  6. Thanks for all the great reply. All you guys make me feel more happy for my order of the UM2. But hope that Ultimaker can try to let buyer like me know an estimate of when can we expect the shipping of the product individually. MB 5th gen looks nice but I haven seen how it preform yet (talk about perform... I haven seen the print head move) :oops: .. Anyone seen it? I seen a lot of great clip on how UM2 is capable of.. Love it. Anyway.. hope to see more in this forum, YouMagine and google+. As for why I post here? Well I thought this is a welcome forum for new Ultimaker user or user to be, a
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