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  1. Ok, the printer is printing again, the PLA was not getting correctly in the nozzel causing the issue that it could not print.
  2. Hi indeed it was PLA (we only print using PLA) The temp we have used is 210C, temp bed is 60C. Currently the printer is not printing at all as the nozzel is stuck, we tried heating it up to 260C that pushed out some junk but still not printing. Have even tried with a small needle to open the nozzel from the bottom but no result.
  3. The reason why it was finished is because the nozzle now does not push any more abs.
  4. Ok the print was finished this morning, although it displayed print finished, it wasn't it was only completed for 50%
  5. What would be a good speed to set in Cura? Will restart the print and set a new picture here.
  6. Speed is 100% Well that is the issue it seems that after several layers the bed is not really moving.The print head is touching the print causing the result as in the picture. The cup that is delivered on the SD is printing normally.
  7. We are trying to print a case with our printer however after several layers it looks like the printer is damaging the print see the following picture. Is this a design issue or a printer issue? The file was created in Sketchup and after that went to STL file.
  8. We received our new Ulitmaker 2 printer this week and unpackhed the box and installed the printer, so far so good. We noticed that 2 tiny screws were not in place they just were rolling on the printer deck. Anyway we fixed those screws in the base plate and all is OK. We feeded our first rol of ABS and started to print the included prints on the SD card. No here is the issue, all the prints are slanting to the right, we notice the issue already at the second layer. We checked the tension of the printer belts and all seem to be OK. This is a brandnew fresh out of the box printer but it can't print correctly out of the box. Any experience on how to solve this?
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