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  1. Zortrax has doubled the price for EU customers for filament at 27Eur instead of 19$. Need I remind you that before the EU store was lunched, Zortrax sold filament for EU customers for 19$ tax, vat included. Now they decided to increase the prices, kickstarter is over so is good pricing. However the printer prints in very good quality, and the quality is repeatable judging from posts of users on zortrax forum. Question for fellow experts over here: Is there another printer marketed as ABS printer for prototyping with same or better print quality as Zortrax and with similar price.
  2. How about an insight that zortrax community is not anything like the ultimaker community, but then if you delete this thread you are no better.
  3. I created this thread not to bash competitor company, it's called freedom of speech, if the manufacturer hides the flaws desperately a competitor should welcome constructive critics and facts about it. Sorry if it's not allowed here too. I hope DELL gets the same customer treatment as regular users with it's 5000 printer order.
  4. Could you share some info, if the manufacturer hides the flaws desperately how can I learn about them?
  5. I just wanted to post here because I don't have a blog, I need printer too, and I don't wan't my messages to be deleted by zortrax staff. Why isn't there unofficial zortrax forum?
  6. Don't be stupid, you can sell parts and other can DIY it to their own printer. Nobody will care if you sell arduino with a heater that can be used to heat a print chamber, but since it will take 90% of guesswork for average joe this can be used no only in ultimaker bu other printers too.
  7. If you thought about upgrading to ZORTRAX then read this: Zortrax is a decent printer from what's been posted on the forum, but they ban everyone who comments on the prints or criticizes their printer, just try your luck register and criticize comment about something..... no spam please Then post your results how your post disappear or you are banned. So the prints you see and replies you read on their forum are what the lucky users get, you do not see the other side of the coin.
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