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  1. You can try with this waterproof sandpaper ! Don't forget to polish with steel wool or use a king of rock polishing machine like this guy !
  2. I am first using sanding paper (120 and 180) then I am polishing using steel wool
  3. Here is my first bronzeFill print ! the end cap of the lamp is not sanded nor polished to show the difference
  4. This is the electric blue from faberdashery. To get this finish I print on glass with a thin layer of UHU stick
  5. I also printed a case but for the iphone 5 and with a custom logo on the back
  6. I used one full spool of black PLA filament from faberdashery and half a spool of white PLA filament from the ultimaker store In fact I made to signs: the black one you saw on my previous post and another golden one (RAL1036) for the inside of the store: The backlit sign is about 3.5cm thick and the golden one only 1cm The most expensive part was the LEDs and it's power adapter I bought 5 meters because I was unsure of the needed size. I only needed about 3 meters so I used the remaining LEDs to make another sign with my company logo (pictures will come as soon as I have time to
  7. Yes you are right my time is not for free but It was a great experience and now I understand why they charge this kind of prices !
  8. @AaronAlai, I am pretty sure I saved money by doing this myself because my brother received a few proposals for about 3000 euros and I only spent about 300 euros ! Also it took me a full week to print, glue, paint and illuminate !
  9. Here is a job I made for my brother's store. He needed a backlit sign for the front of the store so I printed it ! The P is 47cm high and was made of 8 pieces. all the other letters except the M just fitted the build area I used almost 3 meters of leds to make the backlit By the way it is in brussels. Gallerie louise. If someone want to see it in real !
  10. I finally tried the galaxy blue filament from faberdashery along with the aurora UV active Here is the cryptex I made And here is the same one under UV light This aurora filament is looking nice !
  11. I ordered the same day from faberdashery and colorfabb both have a very short lead time. faberdashery shipped my order the same day and colorfabb on the next day
  12. and here is a bigger version printed at layer height 0.12 shell thickness 0.8 speed 50 I simply applied a decimate filter in blender and then a subdivision surface I really need to smooth this model but I am not very good at sculpting !
  13. My last print is based on a scan of a Einstein bottle holder. Not really a scan but I used agilesoft photoscan to generate a mesh based on 52 pictures of the model. here is the model along with a small print in ABS with a CTC printer (not so bad printer by the way) and a UHU stick holder printed really fast on my Ultimaker original. I needed something to hold the UHU stick near the printer I am currently printing only the head at a bigger scale and I will post the result here If anyone is interested I can share the model ! Ho and now I only print on cold glass with UHU
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