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  1. I merged two STLs for dual extrusion. They showed up as on piece with two colors in CURA, but they printed like as if I never merged anything in CURA. It seems to have printed both parts with the same material also. This means it completely ignored the entire second extrusion set up. I don't eve thing that the material feeder stepper motor once moved.
  2. Apologies in advance if this topic is covered already elsewhere although I couldn't find it. I am a bit of a technophobe and I seem to get that kind of dyslexia when trying to read about varius computer issues which I don't understand. My head can't handle it for some reason. I have built and installed my second extruder on my Ultimaker Original + and I have no idea at all how to configure the gcode to use the second extruder head for print support, or how to programme the temperature, or anything. Would any of you be so kind as to write a "dual extruding with HIPS for dummies" walk through? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys, I'm having the exact same problem as Jonathan, but I've tried formatting and saving the files again onto the SD card. I've tried both AMF and STL files. I've tried inserting the SD card both with write protect on and off; but it still regards my SD card as being empty. Just an option to go back to the main menu. This is quite poor. As well; my ulticontroller screen keeps on glitching randomly, and you cannot read what's written there unless you unplug the USB cable and plug it back in. I have check the connection to the circuit board and it's solid. It glitches even without being touched. Any help you guys can give would be much appreciated.
  4. Specifically, I want to know can I print flexible PLA and normal PLA together, in the same print; and do they bond together. Or do I need to print separate pieces and glue them together? And what glue works best for PLA? Super glue? or epoxy resin? Thanks in advance...
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