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  1. I need a "Geared feeder mounting plate" for the Ultimaker 2 extrusion upgrade. I can't find the file on the U2 Github. Does anyone know if this file is available somewhere so I can print the part? The part is labelled #9 here: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19641-installing-the-extrusion-upgrade-kit Thanks!
  2. It could just go up, then it would never hit anything.
  3. I just tried to pause a print, which was part way through a second object. A the print head just smashed right through the first object to try to get to a corner. That was unexpected. Maybe just have it go up? or make it more intelligent as to know what's on the bed, go around, go to a different corner, etc.
  4. Can anyone recommend a North Americab source for a replacement bowden tubes? Or small lengths of appropriate sized PFA or Teflon tubing? All I can find are 25ft rolls for $75-$100. Thanks! (UM2)
  5. I haven't explored this much, but it just happened to me again today, and has happened before, where I'm slicing a model that has an overhang that slopes down, creating a local z-axis minimum point, and support is not generated for that section. The one today comes down to a point, so parhaps Cura only checks the angles of the faces, and since there are no angles over my support setting, it doesn't generate support, despite the fact that it is going to start printing this section in mid-air? Or perhaps the generated support material is too small that it rounds to 0? The two long hair braids on this piece, for example (overhang set to 80 deg): http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:184723/#files even set to 45 deg, the support misses the very tip, the lowest point still will print on mid air.
  6. My Cura stopped generating infill. Can anyone see a setting I am screwing up? It is happening with every object I try to print.
  7. I want to do some maintenance on my print head assembly, but it's stuck in the homed corner. How do I move it out in front so I can access it?
  8. "Even if the fan wasn't broken you should probably remove the isolator and drill it out with a 3mm drill to get rid of that lip." Are there instructions anywhere how to disassemble the print head assembly? I couldn't find any.
  9. Upon further inspection, I think you're right, it's not a heat problem. I think the problem occurs after the large retraction that happens at the end of a filament change, this causes the problem area to pull back, then it can't get back in again. Here's what the tip looks like: Thanks for the idea about drilling out the isolator. Should I bevel the top so the filament is fed into the printhead better?
  10. [EDIT: Ultimaker 2] I'm having problems where sometimes (quickly becoming all the time) my filament will get jammed when trying to enter the printhead. It appears to occur at the bowdentube/printhead transition, in that white cap thing (nylon?). If I cut a nice point on the filament, then it will enter properly and print good for a while as the stiffness of the filament keeps it going in )I'm guessing), but it seems like after it heats up a bit and softens, the slight mis-alignment of parts becomes too much for the filament and it jams on entry. When I remove the filament it has a little "ledge" on the end, as if it was misaligned and trying to push down on the edge of the hole (also makes it difficult to remove, because the tip of the filament is not mishaped/fat and gets stuck in the tube on extraction...) Even waiting for the bed to heat after changing filament seems to be too long of a wait. If I pre-heat the bed, change the filament and print right away, it at least starts ok. Any tips or tricks? I can post some photos if that would help. Edit: This occurs regardless whether I use 2.85mm official Ultimaker filament that shipped with the printer, or my 2.9-3.0mm Amazon Jet stuff.
  11. Does anyone know how to add multiple custom filament settings on the U2? I can do it with my other printer easily using Repetier Host, but can't figure it out on my U2 =(
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