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  1. Cura 14.07 Not sure about Doodle3D version, how do I find out? The middle button is still the "Save" button.
  2. Hi Titus, I am trying with AP mode, and my computer is connected to my AP (Doodle3D) network. I am using wifi, not cable. I was looking for a "print wireless" button, but could not see any.
  3. I am trying to use Cura to send file directly to Ultimaker 2 via Doodle3D. I read that this function has been implemented, but I cannot see any icon for me to click "send" or "print" on Cura for me to do that. I am using Doodle3D as a stand alone access point. Could anyone please point me to the right direction? Thank you.
  4. Hi, there are tiny "twigs" that are branching out from my support structures when printing. Does anyone have any idea on how to reduce the "twigs" while printing? Thank you.
  5. I have tried to move the 4 axes, and only one of them can move/rattle. I did a 20 hours print and the part turned out fine, and the ticking noise was not audible after a few hours into the print.
  6. Thanks guys. The sound is periodic, so i guess it is from something that is moving in a constant speed. This sound is normally audible at the start of a print and then it goes away. The printer is still printing fine at the moment, I will check whether the four axes can be moved As illuminarti suggested when the print finishes. gr5, the sound is the same as in the video posted by braddock at the start of this topic.
  7. Hi guys, I am having the same problem as well with the "ticking" or "knocking" sound as well. Please listen to the sound in the video:
  8. I have just found out that someone else has the same issue as well, as mentioned here: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3981-ticking-sound/
  9. Hi, I can hear a periodic knocking sound when printing sometimes, please play the movie attached, hopefully you can hear the sound and let me know what is causing that. I only get this sound occasionally. Thanks.
  10. New Cura and lower speed definitely improved the print quality a lot on the curved surface! Thanks guys!
  11. Yes, please enlighten me on why it's always 0.5mm too small?
  12. ahhh...that makes sense;) yes, "issue" solved!!
  13. Thanks guys, I have installed Cura 14.06, and reduced the print speed as well. I will try to print again later. I was printing at 0.2mm at 70mm/s, so what is the reasonable flow rate for UM1? @ Dim3nsioneer, yes, it's a 4 legged horse:) I am using the lines support now instead of grid, but I will give Meshmixer support a try as well. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your reply. Seems like I will need to move the print head manually.
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