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  1. Das Ding ist Super, hab mir gerade einen ausgedruckt !!
  2. Ich gucke teilweise stundenlang dem Drucker zu... :shock: :shock: :-P :-P aber dabei lerne ich ne menge, und stelle auch gerne mal beim Drucken ein paar Optionen um, z.b. Geschwindigkeit oder Nozzle temp. Da kann man gleich sehen, wie sich das auf die Druckqualität auswirkt. Habe jetzt langsam (nach 3-4 Tagen ca.) den Bogen halbwegs raus.. Viel Spaß beim Drucker gucken :mrgreen: :mrgreen: lg, mburrows
  3. Daumen drück, das alles gut ankommt. Bin auch seit ein paar Tagen dabei meine Designs zu "testen". Es ist ein unglaubliches Gefühl, das was man eigentlich in und auswendig kennt plötzlich in der Hand zu halten. Irgendwie vertraut und doch neu.. Viel Spaß mit Deinem Drucker !
  4. I too would like to know more about it and its intentions.
  5. Hi, thank you for the likes ! @Skint, good beholder, the polygon for the "Gear-Cylinder" is just with about 20 Edges. I could of course change that, but have no reason for doing so atm. The motor is for turning a special rotor for my experimental turbine design. The "Gear-Cylinder is part of the rotor-design. The mount is part of the turbine housing. and yes 3d printing is absolutely awesome. Today i have started a 22 hour print, and then i was with a friend, helping him to paint some furniture, and my wife was updating me with photos of the print. And i think its a wife / gf friend
  6. Danke telophar ! Jetzt werde ich leider nicht mehr wissen, wann ich meinen Ultimaker über igo3d bekommen hätte... Allerdings kann ich mich bisher nicht über den Laden beschweren, sie haben promt auf meine gestern verschickte Stornierug geantwortet, und ich glaube nicht, das es Probleme geben wird. liebe Grüße, und ich drücke all euch wartenden die Daumen XXX
  7. Yeah will try that, thanx Skint. As promised now some photos of what i was building lately: This is my motor with the final parts that actually fit just fine. And this is the motor with the final parts mounted / attached to it, and some of the parts i printed, that did not fit. By the way have i mentioned that i already love 3d printing ? happy printing to you all!
  8. Thank you all for your warm welcome words, and helpful tips. Atm my aim is to experiment with some new kind of turbine, and i will definetely opensource it, once i am successfully building it. Yesterday i did some adjustments to my models, one of which is a mounting-frame for a motor i salvaged from an electric screwdriver. It was fun to adjust the model, until it finally fitted the motor. And the other part is a gear shaped hole inside a cylinder, which i need, because my motor has a small gear permanently atached to its axis. I will post some images later, when the last object comes out o
  9. Hello dear Ultimaker Community, finally I have become one of you. This was my first print, just to test the Ultimaker's extrusion speed abilities, i printed with Ultimaker PLA, Nozzle Temp 210°C and Heatbed at 75°C, and I am absolutely satisfied with the result. Special thanks go to User Telophar of this forum, who made it all possible for me now. When examining the printed result closely i notice a slight warping in the first 2 mm layers. Is this happening because of the fan switching in about this level, or is it because the heating bed temperature is a bit to high? Happy prin
  10. I think I have located the source in CuraEngine in "infill.cpp" in function "generateLineInfill". I find it a bit difficult to fully understand how exactly you generate the infill there, because i do not get your main idea behind it. If you would just put some comentarys in there, i guess i would be able to find a solution to my problem on my own, given, this it is even possible. thanks a lot, and again: I really do apreciate your responsive and open community here.
  11. @nallath This is also worth a try, and maybe even better than shifted infill. Thank you. I will report back, what worked best, when my printer arrives. @didier: the change of the buildplate size was just for testing the infill pattern created. It just showed me, that the support structure is bond to the buildplate size. Maybe i will dig into the source code of cura engine myself, since i will have some spare time in some days. It should be easy to shift it to the middle, once i found the pice of code that computes the grid. Maybe Daid can point me into the right direction, to where the calc
  12. Hi Bernacules, i really enjoyed your videos on ultimaker, thats why i chose ultimaker v2 to be my printer too. Keep up doing cool videos on 3d printing. It is what the world has been waiting for. Thumbs up!
  13. Add: I tried out changing the dimensions of the buildplate, and it did indeed change the infill. Unfornately the exact position is somehow difficult to predict and i suspect it would be different values for every % of infill.
  14. Thank you guys for all your useful tips, and quick answers. You are a relly helpful and supporting community :-) I was already concerned about the instability of this particular model, so support may be a good idea, but i thought i might get away with just low % infill. I have the idea that maybe a slight changing of the dimensions of the buildplate could solve my problem. I will try that. Anyways i have added my issue on github, maybe its just a simple fix, and Daid can make me happy soon. good night, and happy printing :cool:
  15. Hehe. Ich hoffe die haben Respekt vor den Selbstabholern und stellen mir nen vernünftigen Karton hin... Ansonsten haben die bestimmt genug aufgebaute Ultimaker bei sich rumstehen, da nehme ich dann halt einen anderen mit... ohne einen funktionierenden und einwandfreien Drucker fahre ich dann sicherlich nicht weg. naja, aber ich bin da mal (trotz der vielen schlechten News) positiv gestimmt, und hoffe mal das die Leute die gute Erfahrungen gemacht haben davon nur nichts berichten, vielleicht bin ich ja einer der glücklichen... Aber wenn ich in 2 Wochen nichts zu hören bekomme, dann werd ich
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