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  1. That's all most helpful and I managed to do a nice high quality print again which was very satisfying. Appreciate your prompt follow up and advice. Thank you.
  2. Thank you both for your help. All rods ok, and I checked the x axis endstop which I can trigger by hand but the head was not triggering it. I think that the fan mounting had got bent somehow and was pushing up against the side and preventing the tigger by a mm. I have now resolved the homing issue. I have gone back to 14.06.1 and reset to the default factory settings. What is odd is that any of the previous models on the card now print off the bed so maybe I need to save as new G code in this new version of CURA. Its not printing on the same place on the bed as in the diagram so there seems to be some offset here. This may be another topic and I shall search for that. At least its printing again for the purposes of the talk I need to give.
  3. I am having problems not with Z axis homing but with X axis homing and it makes an awful noise as it homes X and Y. This has all happened since the firmware upgrade. Am now thoroughly stuck and unable to print. It was working fine until then and cant get back to the versions I was using successfully before hand. Any suggestions or threads to follow?
  4. I have just installed the latest firmware 14.06.2 June 16 2014 using CURA and the previously working printer now will not home on X and Y . Its making bad grinding noises when I home and the screw is up against the side wall. Is there a way to adjust the home settings within cura or is there a patch to fix this firmware. I use a Mac and would appreciate any guidance on how to fix this.
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