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  1. Yep pretty much... but is it possible to simply splice two stls together on cura?
  2. So has anyone had much luck with this? For example if I want to piece together two objects and have each one as a different colour, it seems rather difficult to do in cura. Does anyone have any suggestions for doing this? without having to go through a cad program? Thanks Jem
  3. Hey guys, parts arrived today or so I've been told... groovy :-) hey sander, I'm away on business...
  4. Hey, my stuff got shipped! however i won't be in the country for a number of months so kind of a waste of time really.... anyway's ultimaker, the ultimaker 2 is brilliant... now all you need to do is sort out your delivery service and everyone would be happy. Thanks all the same!!!
  5. Hi, We got a um 2, beautiful machine, works great :-) however customer support / delivery is still atrocious I see hence the reason why I'm posting here. As ultimaker don't seem to answer emails etc Ordered around 300 euros of parts etc over two weeks ago... no delivery, no response... Do I as a customer need to travel to the netherlands to pick up my parts? We needed the parts a week ago... too late now.
  6. Ok The jam's been fixed the above method really works well... it looks like the cause was that the reel was getting caught somehow... so I've freed it up to prevent that from happening again... the more you know...
  7. Btw new power connector at the back... really bad idea... It falls out and gets damaged way too easily.
  8. Hi Unfortunately its jammed again... I've trying doing the above method but the filament won't even come out of the bowden tube. It's completely jammed... any ideas how to remove it without damaging the machine?? I also assume that there is a jam in the extruder itself which caused the problem in the first place. the only thing I can think that caused it, is printing low quality fast speed....
  9. Thanks guys! :-) that got it working..... does happy dance. :-P
  10. Hi Don, There is no filament coming out. It's grinding away at the back. Raising the temperature to clear the nozzle makes no difference. Inserting a needle makes no difference. The machine has gone back to the factory settings and keeps going through the setup but no filament comes out.
  11. Hi, After buying a number of um 1's, cubex's etc we have been given a um2... afetr unboxing, following the procedure, etc I'm guessing it was too close to the plate or something, it's jammed again (just like the good old um1) and I'm not able to clear the nozzle. Can anyone offer any advice? I don't want to spend 90% of my time fixing ultimakers! Thanks Jem :-P
  12. Finally got a reply and an apology. Parts have still not been sent out. Where I work, we have about 50 Um's 1's and 2's, most of those aren't working / waiting for parts. I've scrapped the um1 at this stage and moved to a different supplier because the hardware / customer service is crap. Best of luck everyone with your machines! :-P
  13. So I'm pretty fed up with um, I ordered over 300 euros worth of parts about two thirds of the order was delivered. I have emailed them, I have called and I get no response. It's a good job this stuff isn't urgent isn't it? Their bad delivery service is really letting them down.
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