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  1. Hi, so till now again no reply from your sales team according to a teflon part instead of a new Nozzle. And from your Side the same Thing! More people don't seem to solve your problem! My lady gave me the advice to sell the machine. On the one hand no one seems to have time to help me and on the other spare parts can only be bought if you have like 3 weeks time to wait for it and the nervs. What do you expect your customers to do in a situation like this ? Buying a Product for 2000€ thats not working correctly and then having that much trouble with your support !? I will sell my machine theres no way that I will continue the odysee with Ultimaker support. Even when you're product is good when it's acutally working your way of dealing with customers is really the badest I've seen. So you can close the Thread!! I'm really disappointed in your Team, Product and everything else, just wanna get rid of the machine and don't wanna argue with my lady about wasted money and bad dessisions!!
  2. Hi Sander, thanks for your quick reply. Okay I undestood what the Teflon Part is. What you want me to do with that ? Shell I try to clean it ? No at the Pictures there is no underextrusion because im Printing with higher temperatures than 230... And because of that the Print looks shady because Retraction isn't working and so an. Like I wrote I had to that because otherwise there would be holes all over the place. And yes I tried printing with speed above 30mm/s but again holes all over the place. Greetings.
  3. Hi Sander, really don't wanna be an annoying customer. Just thinking a Mail took over 2 Weeks to get answered, makes me not wanna deal with your sales team anymore. And my Mails to your Support for Troubleshooting took the same time to proceed. So let's just leave it like that, guess at the moment I'm not to positive when it comes to Ultimaker Support. You answering my Posts is the first good news from Ultimaker Support=) Not an easy job you have =) The Teflon Part is the white Thing in between right ? With Brim you mean the black stuff right ? Shell I try to get rid of it ? Yes like I wrote I tried to increase the temperature. But that destroys the Quality of my prints. You can have a good look at the results on one of my first posts: When printing with 230 it looks like this: http://www.maintain-under-the-radar.org/images/Ultimaker/Bad_Corners_230_Celsius_NR1.jpg http://www.maintain-under-the-radar.org/images/Ultimaker/Bad_Corners_230_Celsius_NR2.jpg But with lower temperatures than 230 holes start to appear at the Filament Lines. Even printing with 10mm/s results in flip backs. They occur like every 5Minutes. I also tried different Filaments. I figured out this technique is called cold fusion preventions. Is there any possibility to turn off this Function ? Cura Settings are still the same: Layer Height 0.2 Shell Thickness 0.8 Bottom Thickness 0.6 Fill Density 20 Print Speed 25 Thanks for making me a member, I know how to upload pictures but wasn't allowed, because of validating. And thanks for your Help! Greetings
  4. HI, sorry again for the long time it took to reply. First of all after nearly 3 Weeks my inquiry at Utlimaker Sales was handled and I got a Reply. The other sad thing except for the waiting time is, I only get a Voucher..... But no more complaining about Ultimaker Support.... it is as it is..... Second I didn't manage to get the white part out of the extruder! Don't know what's going on ther but I was only succesfull in ramming the screwdriver through my Finger =) So I made some pictures from the Outside. http://www.maintain-under-the-radar.org/images/Ultimaker/2107/Bottom_View.jpg http://www.maintain-under-the-radar.org/images/Ultimaker/2107/TOP_View.jpg Is this also helpfull ? Unfortunelty I'm still not able to upload picture to my profile..... Maybe finally someone can unlock me so that I can like other posts and most of all the Post of the People that helped me. Greetings @MNIS: Hi und sorry für die Wartezeit... =( Konnte nichts an dem weißen Ding feststellen, sah alles normal aus. Nur ganz oben am Einlass vom Filament ist eine kleine Delle aber die dürfte ja nichts ausmachen. Danke dir für deine Hilfe nochmals vielmals
  5. Hi Sanders, just talked to my girlfriend. We orderd 2 Nozzles from your Site, to replace my broken one. Unfortunately my Girlfriend didn't recognize, that you only have parts for the Ultimaker 1. So we got the wrong Nozzles.... On July the 8th she asked sales team for help to change to ultimaker 2 nozzles, so far no reply..... But as I read in other threads this is not unusual. I really did my best bevor complaining about all that stuff that goes wrong.
  6. Hi, alles klar ich baus morgen mal aus. Danke und Grüße
  7. Again sorry, I didn't read it completely.... to make the extrusion better, I tried the following - Play with the screw on the feeder - Printed and assembled a different feeder but again disassembled it - Tried different temperatures with different PLA Resellers - Tried different Settings in Cura - Restore to Manufacturer Settings - Different Heights of Build plate - Different Temperatures - Different Models - Different Print Speed Settings (Flip Back occurs even with 10mm/s) - Different Retraction Settings (Corners are not clean) - New Firmware Updates - Cleaned the Nozzle from the inside with the files - Atomic Nozzle Cleaner - Solution from MNIS Actual Current Cura Settings: Layer Height 0.2 Shell Thickness 0.8 Bottom Thickness 0.6 Fill Density 20 Print Speed 25 That should be it =) The new Firmware is really a big improvement to me. I like the new Start of Print Jobs. And movement of the axis feels improved (can't prove it it's just a feeling).
  8. Sorry take it Back, yes you have a Best Practice. Since when are there Pictures to see ? At the end of my Troubleshooting I only looked here for fresh Info. For me not being familiar with your product, just plain text holds a bunch of possible mistakes. I nearly crushed the little white thing between the Nozzle and the Extruder.... So again thanks for your help
  9. Hi Sander, Thanks very much for that. Could you please allow me to upload Pictures to the Ultimaker Forum? Till that I uploaded the Picture on my Blog: http://www.maintain-under-the-radar.org/images/Ultimaker/0907/Holes_in_Wall.jpg The Problem is that when Flip Back occurs, the Line of Filament is not solid. Because not enough Material comes out of the Nozzle. So when the Line and Flip Back occur at the same time, you can look through that part of Filament that has just been placed. Yes I can sorry for that =) Google told me that’s what I meant I used something like this to clean the inside: https://www.igo3d.com/de/3d-printer-diamond-files-kit.html And I agree with you I guess it was not "Best Practice". And thats exactly what I'm missing. I've read this in the Forum so I thought couldn't get worse. And done it. I already ordered a new Nozzle, but it was the wrong one. My Girlfriend tried to contact sales team to send it back and get the right one, but no reply since some days so far.... Till now there are no modification to the feeder except for new screws, your tool unfortunately killed the old ones. Should I try another Feeder? Thanks for your help Sanders I'm really struggling on this one....
  10. Hi, sorry for the late reply, but I had to watch Soccer =) I did the cleaning now 2 times in combination with the atomic nozzle cleaner. Now the Flip Back occurs every 5 to 10 minutes. Leaving some hole every time it occurs..... Should I maybe try a new nozzle or any other Ideas ? Thanks in Advantage.
  11. Hey guys, great Job on that one!!! Best thing that you see the Improvent on the first Print. I like the new start. Bevore the surface of the print was only smooth, when I waited and manualy took away the first Fillament. Greetings and Thanks
  12. Hi, erst mal hab wieder mal vielen Dank! Das mit der Temperatur stimmt vollkommen was du sagst. Ich hab die nur erhöht um die Anzahl der Löcher in meinem Druck zu minimieren. Durch die höhere Viskosität läuft mehr nach und die Löcher Bildung wird so verringert.. Ist zumindest mein Gefühl... Aber das funktioniert seit heute morgen auch nicht mehr. Die besten Ergebnisse hatte ich auch bei 210°C, da will ich ja auch wieder hin =) Ich probiere heute oder morgen das Ganze dann mal raus zu brennen. Melde mich dann spätestens danach wieder. Grüße
  13. Hi, ja kann ich, dachte nur das wäre nicht so angepasst, so dass andere auch was davon haben. Nicht falsch verstehen =) Aber gibt es dazu Bilder ? Ich weiß immer nicht genau wie die Komponenten heißen. Hast du was an deinem Ultimaker getauscht? Feeder oder so ? Hab echt vielen Dank für deine Hilfe! Ich wäre echt so aufgeschmissen ohne Leute wie dich. I did the Cleaning Method from GR3 (thanks again for that great Tipp) several times. Intersting thing is the first half hour printing at 210° results in just a few flip backs. After the first half hour they increased and I needed to increase the temperature every 15 minutes to reduce the amount of flip backs. Very Strange thing is now I get Flip Backs even at 245°... But only a few and they are not really visible...
  14. Hi, so the Atomic Nozzle Clean is over thanks to GR3. This is the Result: http://www.maintain-under-the-radar.org/images/Ultimaker/0807/Atomic_Nozzle_Clean_Result.jpg And this is the Nozzle: http://www.maintain-under-the-radar.org/images/Ultimaker/0807/Nozzle.jpg I filed the Nozzle from the Inside. Now I'm doing a Test-Print and will report back to you. But it looks like it didn't help.... There were defintely, some burned parts inside of the Nozzle. Do you maybe want a Video of my print starting? If it helps ? Thanks again and Greetings
  15. Hi, thanks for that felt Kind of stupid =) If you just have no experience you stuck on every new Problem. I guess so but community is one Thing, Professional Support the other. There is no way I would recommend such a complex Product with that cheap Support and Documentation. But I wanted to stop complaining, it is how it is =) I put all my hopes in the Nozzle cleaning and then Report back to you. By the way when will I become a Member to be able to like articles and give credit to the Guys that helped me ? Greetings
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