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  1. nvm got it installed. i had to make an account. did so. downloaded STL import/export v2 from didier bur: and still don't have the option to do so. plugin is enabled but still nothing. soo much frustration.
  2. went to sketchucation.com seems to be some sort of plugin manager. however when i download i get some rbz file. i have no idea how this works...
  3. yea. i have no problem with cura. that's what i have been using. however as mentioned above. its probably whats causing my supporting issues. ill try out that sketchuchation and see if meshmixer takes STLs
  4. this would be a usable product. however apparently sketchup is doing dumb things. i'm no longer able to export aside DAE and KMZ formats, this program is not comparable with ether. do you know of anything that is compatible with DAE or KMZ or a way to bring back my old export options on sketchup? i know i used to be able to export a .obj with it at one time
  5. so i'm doing some test prints for a part and glad i'm not wasting plastic because it doesn't seem to want to print these right. below is a picture of what i'm trying to print compared to what i'm getting for the slicer i'm using cura does anyone know what is causing this and how it can be fixed?
  6. paper towls not too hard to come by. and found out that helps tremendously. however. going to the pharmacy asking for hypodermic needles without a prescription is almost always a no go and not such a fresh image on myself. is there any other easy to get alternatives for if/when there is a major jam.
  7. its not doing it anymore. i think it may have resolved itself. thanks! how long doe these hot ends last thogh?
  8. so, i'm new to the 3d printing world and we are having this odd issue. iv noticed the "prime" at the start of each print is starting to curl in on itself and has came close to adhering to the nozzle in a big goopy mess. iv also been experiencing the print itself bunching up from time to time. (near the start usually) could this be caused by a hot end going out? haven't even went though 1 spool of PLA yet, how long are hot ends suppose to last?
  9. maybe. but nothing i would trust outdoors for years on end.
  10. problem found and salved. it turns out the controller board was overheating. got a replacement and installed and it seems to be working fine now!
  11. so i'm making a prototype for a product that will be exposed to weather. and i was wandering if there is a materal that is ruber-like to make gaskets? i am aware i will have to treat the product itself and that normal objects 3d printed are NOT waterproof but this is just a concept model. is there such a material that anyone is aware of?
  12. is it possible the power supply is bad?
  13. and it froze again, luckily i had it being streamed for my personal record. it looks like the unit cut off entirely. even though all the other devices on the line remained on.
  14. just took notice they are working now. i suppose the bottom layers it just doesn't use them for better adhering to the base plate.
  15. currently working on a 13 hour print with no overhangs. ill let this finish before doing more experimentation
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