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  1. @neotko I guess that there could also be wrong with the z-nut but in the video, the z-screw has been removed. So it seems that I definitely have an issue with the linear bearings on the z-axis. How does one swap the bearings out?
  2. I was having trouble with my printing. @gr5 helped me identify it as a probable z-axis issue in this topic here. After taking my z-rod out to clean, I realised that I also appeared to have a problem with my z-axis bearings. They stick often and hard enough to support the entire weight of the bed. See the video below: I had pretty severe crunching sounds the whole time I had the printer but many people said this was normal. Now I'm thinking that mine were, in fact, indicative of a real issue. What should my next step be? examples of printing issues:
  3. While cleaning the Z-Screw, I noticed that the bed bearings are in fact sticky. The bed will stick at certain points when I'm moving it up and down and will require significant force to get it moving again. Could it be that I have defective bearings on the Z axis?
  4. @gr5 thanks! That seems obvious as an explanation now ^^. Can you recommend a Z-nut for a UM2? I'm excited! I had been considering printing a bunch of stuff on shapeways for a project but 1 Euro sounds pretty doable.
  5. Hi all, I've been having some trouble with rough prints on my UM2+ (UM2 with upgrade kit). I'm wondering what could be causing it or if it's normal. I don't remember this happening in the past... examples: Could it be that I have a loose grub screw on my x or y axes? Are there any tricks to tightening those? During the UM2+ upgrade process it was tricky to get everything aligned correctly. My hands didn't fit inside the printer.
  6. I have been experimenting with z-hop while printing some parts with vertical wires that often make that horrible combing noise when the print head moves across them. Imagine running your finger along the tines of a comb and you'll know what I mean. I'm using a Ultimaker 2. I'm wondering if anyone else has used z-hop much and whether I should be worried about the z-axis motor overheating or anything. I don't see a good reason for this to happen but I imagine that z-hop wasn't first in the mind of the engineers designing this printer.
  7. So now it looks like the Ultimaker+ is shipping at the end of November instead of the end of the middle of September :(. Have they run into some issues with the new setup?
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. I have to say that the breadth of opinion hasn't exactly helped me make a decision . I'm going to have to think about it a little more before I pull the trigger. There are so many factors to consider that I don't think there is one best choice. Do the UM+ electronics make it as quiet as the UM2? Is the UM2 hotend really PLA optimised? That doesn't seem to make sense considering the heated bed. Crap, I'm still torn.
  9. Is the print quality really the same now? I had that impression based on the specs but I wasn't sure. I can imagine that there would be stability problems with the wood but perhaps I'm getting too imaginative. Doesn't the UM2 have a higher potential print speed? Shipping within Europe isn't really a big deal. One of the many advantages of the EU . The lead time is kind of a downer though. Waiting 6 weeks for a UM+ or waiting 1 week for a UM2... Patience is a virtue I am working to improve on. Thanks for the feedback, it seems that my need for instant gratification might have to be suppresse
  10. Hi All, I'm pondering joining the Ultimaker community but I'm having trouble deciding between a UM+ and a UM2. I have a couple of questions that I would love to have answered: Print Quality: What is the difference between a UM+ and a UM2? The UM+ now states a layer resolution of 20um, just like the UM2. Does this close the gap in terms of print quality? What other factors improve the UM2 print quality? Dissolvable Supports: Dissolvable supports are a huge deal for me. I'm happy to wait a few months for this ability but its definitely something that I'm going to be very interested in and I
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