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  1. Hi Good point, however I also run a small company that creates technical illustrations & technical authoring, which does help. Mike
  2. Great thanks for your help !
  3. Hi; Our UM2 has saved us thousands of pounds in development work, we design mixing machines for pharmaceutical use, and even make sure that every product has at least 1 3d printed component. I have an amazing story about teleporting spares to South Korea ! Regards Mike www.nymax.co.uk
  4. Hi all; 5 years not a single glitch, went to print yesterday & my UM2 just died. I had a look at the PCB & it looks like the U6 chip has blown. Does anybody know what chip this is..? Many thanks !
  5. Thanks, I will try XT white...& see how it goes
  6. Can I ask users from their experience which is the best brand filament for UM2..? I have tried, Faberdasery, ColorFab, But to me the best by far seems to be Ultimaker brand. Faberdasery - leaves blobs & only comes open spool, but 2nd place for me. ColorFab - Wasted hours trying to get as good as UM brand, not even close.
  7. Thanks all for your help ! I thought top layer was the single uppermost layer not the top face of any layer
  8. Hi; Had my ultimaker for a week now, Could not be more pleased with it ! A quick question........ Picture printing 2 cubes one larger than the other ontop of each other, Like a sugar cube on a box of matches.... Is there a way to improve the top layer on the bottom cube..? The top cube top layer always seems better..?
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