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  1. I thought the broken image link issue had already been solved?


    Perhaps I mixed this up...

    The loading time of picture rich posts has improved, but is still not as fast as in the old forum.

    Besides, I found a new workflow through the notification bell and found the fixed top bar much more usable than the touchy behaviour before, nice one!

  2. Ive made this automata as a birthday present for a good friend of mine.

    Its called "Flight of thoughts"



    We're still waiting for a video of this masterpiece!

    It's very obvious you are a perfectionist, but please, just turn the crank and hold a smartphone next to it, just as a teaser!

  3. One of the old Cura versions did that too in spiralize. Think it was 14.07.

    So no luck with this...

    As the new Cura Engine was built to be enhanced by plugins, I'm hoping that someone who codes will be able and willing to add a new spiral plugin.

    Oh, and while we're at this: some more dirty experimental parameters could be added, like this.

    Just dreaming around8)

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  4. With the Olsson Block and a .8mm nozzle, I do a lot of spiralized prints with 1.2mm walls and .6mm layer height. Good for vases and lamp shades, and I like the fat shiny visible print lines.

    But in an otherwise absolutely flawless print this visible scar sucks indeed!

    1. So is there a workaround?

    2. I didn't test it with the new Cura so far, has someone?

    3. And (sadly) is there another slicer that does a "clean" spiralize?

  5. Ok, an official update about the improvements that went live today!!

    I will also post a separate read only post, that will list all the fixes.

    Since this thread is ongoing, the other thread can be used as a point of reference to see what has been updated so far.


    That's what I was waiting for: A clear message that critics were heard and bugs and flaws will be eliminated.

    So thanks for that!

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    How can I bond NinjaFlex parts?


    NinjaFlex has a very low surface energy, so it typically does not bond well with adhesives; however, 3M trim adhesive and Gorilla Glue provide moderate bonding. The best way to connect NinjaFlex parts is with a hot knife welder.


    Found http://www.ninjaflex3d.com/support/using-ninjaflex/ninjaflexfaqs/.

    Good to know, not tried NinjaFlex yet, but looking forward to.

    Could you report your experience?


  7. +1 for the space mouse.

    I use it in Rhino, and when I switch to Cura to see if a model will slice fine, it happens every time that I move the space mouse and think my PC freezed due to no reaction of the model.

    So, of cause a comfort feature with lower priority, but most welcome for workflow!


    (My GF does CAD design, and their office is fully equiped with these. She loves it, so I might be biased)


    Thanks Daid`s GF for making him biased! :grin:


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