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  1. Yes, I was thinking on my UM classic. Not sure if I want to mess with those tiny potentiometers, but I found them on the stepper drivers. To lower the values, I guess I should rotate a tiny bit counter clockwise, but I am not sure about doing this as I have no way of measuring or keeping track of the changes. On the other hand, I can think of another perk for lowering the current - the stepper drivers would run cooler so I could use a different fan to make it more quiet...
  2. I think I should know this but I can't seem to be able to find the info... how do you change the motor currents?
  3. Yes, but I wasn't thinking of the part when it starts/finishes the print... if you are thinking about the times when Z has to travel more. That doesn't seem very noisy with a well lubricated lead screw. My problem si during printing when it advances in through the layers (0.2 mm at a time in this case).
  4. Hi, I've noticed this also on my UM classic. To be honest I am not sure if Z started making more noise recently or has been the same way since the beginning, most probably because I kept tweaking at the printer and I just got everything else more smooth and quiet. Just the Z axis makes this noise while printing. When homing/moving the platform it's much more quiet, just when printing and advancing through the layers, it seems to resonate somehow. Is there anything new from the OP on this? I will also try to play with the Z acc and jerk settings, also I plan to remove the Z stepper and put some thin cork between the motor and the panel, and rubber bushings on the screw sides above.
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