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  1. Hi I have the same problem. I used 14.03 when the last correct print was made. so i tried all of them since 14.03. but nothing was changed. Then i reinstalled . now i do print at lower and lower speed but it is not the solution András
  2. now i've successsed in uploading the photo
  3. here is another photo of a house model the problem is the same: all flat surface is full of gaps only the first layer is ok . settings are: layer height:0,2 shell thickness 0,8 bottom/ top thickness: 0,6 fill density: 23 print speed 55 nozzle size :0.4 temp : 210 or 230 ( it was 2 weeks ago, nowdays i set temp 230-235 manually (the temp is stable during printing,) can the changing of the nozzle( or anything else ) help?
  4. Hi i have the same problem . i use ultimaker2 for architectural modell. walls are ok more or less, but the horizontal flat surfaces are bad. everythings was ok till cura update 14.03 since then the problem is exists. last week i installed the firmware for 14,03 again and the next printing was good, and nothing more. for me it is job not only for fun András
  5. hi please help the lines on the flat surface are very thin (but the first layer is OK) i've done the under extrusion test (the result is perfect) this problem started at cura 14.03 , so my first question is how to download and install firmware for cura 14.01 or any other solution for this problem? thanx András
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