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  1. the dual material 5 days print is what i am looking for. Can you please share informations of print size, wall thickness and infill? Do you think you'd be able to do the same print with nylon as main material? The problem for me is the lack of tricky prints examples on the company website. My friend from local printer store called me today because arrived an um3 to be presented to the customers, if i'm lucky i'll be able to test the printer next days
  2. I bet on UM2 two years ago, the machine was great for some points but had numerous issues, you guys from the team already know and already heard about them so many times that is useless to repeat (also this forum is full of cases). To have the promised machine with the + extension i had to wait 2 years and would had spent 500 more € (2800 total), so i would not use UM2+ upgrade for comparison. Let skip also the UM2 double extrusion part, that was another reason me and other 10000 users buiyed the machine. Old, boring story. What i would like to see from you, perhaps i am missing something,
  3. Material will be mostly PLA, ABS, NYLON, perhaps some exotic like bronzefill but with the first 3 i am already going to be fine. Printer is for artistic prurpose, i do not like publishing my personal work here but let's say that is something like the Mathematical Art sold on Shapeways. Ultimaker is known for its high quality prints and reliability, also UM2 was known to be a printer that was needing a lot of technical manitenance in order to keep it running properly, i say this as an owner, and a company that at the end of the day, didn't delivery dual extrusion promise, but this is a differ
  4. I really need a reliable dual extruder printer. I was about to buy a BCN3D Sigma, then the UM3 was announced. I need to print intricate prints using the most of the print area, dual extrusion mixed with reliability in long prints are the only features i need. What are, in your opinion, the reasons to choose an UM3 and spend 1300€ more than a Sigma? Thank you
  5. Thanks for your suggestion and kind reply, my goal for now is to build a box with an adjustable global temperature. Supposing the box area to be 100x80x80 cm, in order to make it suitable even for eventual other printers. I am triyng to do the self made version of this closed chamber http://www.3dprintclean.com/ . This because the printer is in the coldest room of the house and even to protect me from eventual fumes. I finally decided to keep the global enviroment temperature at 30° let's see what happens. ps. did you get your pieces, are they functional? Best
  6. Hallo everybody, i am going to build an enclosure for my UM2 Printer, does any of you know what is the max temperature i have to keep in the enclosure in order to not ruin printer's belts? Thanks for your help
  7. @Tommyph1208 Thanks for your advices. I wrote to the company, which is actually selling the product only via ebay. I'll try to document my whole experience with the product. Best
  8. This is exactly what the supplier said: 1.75mm or 3mm does anyone think that a 3mm diameter can cause problems during the print? thanks
  9. Hy Everybody, I decided to try the new Moldlay castable filament with my UM2, it is sold on 1.75 and 3mm spools, do you think that the 3mm can cause any problem to the printer? Any suggestion is helpful. Thank you
  10. @ElleZeta Nel frattempo ho preso i pezzi di ricambio e mi farò aiutare a sostituirli da un altra persona che si intende molto più di elettronica rispetto a me e che ha già esperienza con le Ultimakers. Una volta rimessa in moto la macchina ti contatterò più che volentieri. Mi interessa molto vedere ed imparare dal lavoro che hai fatto sulla tua macchina, oltre che conoscere altri possessori della zona e scambiare le conoscenze. Ho segnato il tuo numero, in caso desiderassi rimuoverlo dal tuo messaggio per non tenerlo pubblico. Nota dolente, il servizio clienti/spedizioni. Aspetto ancora un p
  11. @Didier Klein already read that article before to operate. Build manual is very useful, thank you.
  12. @gr5 thanks for your suggestions, always precious, but i really think the easiest way is to put new components. I learned on my skin how i have to be careful with different materials. The sensor was really melted on the noozle, and i mean it, i tried to remove it bringing noozle temperatute up to 260° but there really was no way. I am mounting the new one easier to remove for future issues. By the way i buyed new components yesterday and had no shipping confirmation, wrote to sales for an update and had zero response, i was hoping customer care to be more efficent. The status on my order page
  13. So, my fault, trying to remove the noozle the thermo sensor got broken. I decided to replace both sensor and noozle. Problem is i really do not know how to connect a new sensor, i mean, i don't see where the wire is ending and i am a little afraid in disassembling my printer. Any suggestion?
  14. So i finished on a dead end, removing the noozle the temperature sensor got broken. I really do not now how to replace it. Any help is vital now.
  15. Right now i am disassembling the Head, find the temperature sensor almost impossible to remove
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