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  1. @Cloakfiend: How many printing hours has your UM2 reached running without problems?
  2. Used my UM2 for about 400 printing hours mostly with PLA. Starting about 6 weeks ago the X/Y transport squeeks when moving over the middle of the X/Y axes. (Sparse!) Oiling helps nothing. On close inspection I found lots of black small speckles in the middle of the rods. I am not able to remove these small speckles neither with soft / hard brushes nor with warm water / soap or even alcohol. What do the experts suggest?
  3. Nein die Wand ist nicht dünn, ich hatte extra 3mm Wandstärke und "no fill" verwendet, aber das hat nicht geholfen. Wie gesagt - in PLA - kein Problem. Jemand Erfahrung mit PET oder Nylon auf dem UM2?
  4. Ich hatte mit ABS bei meinen ersten Probedrucken große Probleme mit Spannungsrissen bei einem Modell, das in PLA einwandfrei druckte. Zugluft und Fenster offen hatte ich eigentlich nicht. Woran kann das liegen? der Druck ist ca. 10cm hoch und 4cm breit
  5. Ich habe mit der beheizten Glasplatte bei 60° und PLA überhaupt noch nie Schwierigkeiten mit Ablösungen gehabt. Heute habe ich dann mal probeweise einen ersten ABS-Druck gemacht mit den Standardparametern des UM2 (90° Platte). Habe das erste Mal Klebestift benutzt und Ablösungen an den Ecken. Außerdem große Probleme mit Spannungsrissen in senkrechten Wänden. Meine Fragen: Was kann man gegen die Spannungsrisse tun und wo bekomme ich ABS Zement her. Hat jemand mal anderes Material UPET oder Nylon ausprobiert?
  6. Ok, the printer has been delivered today - I am happy with this ! It took exactly 6 weeks from order to delivery. But my point holds true: Ultimaker must improve communication with customers
  7. I looked this up and found it in my spam folder, sorry for that. But basically she is saying that she can neither find out when my UM2 will be delivered nor can she do anything to speed things up. Tomorrow it was exactly 6 weeks ago when I ordered and paid. How long would you recommend to stay patient?
  8. @frilex: I consider myself to be optimistic, but as an German Bonmot says "Optimismus ist immer nur Mangel an Informationen". They have not responded to any attempt to connect to them for more than three weeks. The only thing happened was that my PayPal account has been charged within one hour.
  9. I have contacted support multiple times (a week ago) and nothing heard back. I opened just another supportticket (#GLQ-324-79917) and hope hearing from support soon...
  10. Dear Sander, I am in the same situation as Thomas. I have ordered my printer on the 28th of November with order number R270366228, paid in full via PayPal an are not able to sign in anymore with the account which previously worked. Even password reset doesnot work. Various messages here, opened support ticket what ever didnt work - I simply received no answer to any of my enquiries. Can you please find out the status of my order and a probable shipping date for me? Sander, your printers are for sure very good and you receive many appreciation for your products but as I feel you might ruin all the good with your customer service. Many paying customers feel being left alone ! Think about if there is something you can change.
  11. Dear Ultimaker-Team, you changed your login procedure on your shop and therefore I am unable to login with my account and password to lookup the order state of my order (Order-Nr.R270366228 ordered 28th Nov 2014). When I say "Forgot password" I receive a warning that this E-Mail address is not registered with you. Now I am puzzled - please help.
  12. @Frilex: Keep us updated, how long shipping took so we can estimate for our printers as well. I'd suggest to publish the length of the order queue together with everyones place in this queue - or if you will the ranked order of the order numbers so anyone can guess himself how long he has to wait. Then all this discussions and thread would calm and quiet down :-)
  13. @Frilex: Seems that we are waiting in the same queue :-) (Order-Nr.R270366228 ordered 28th Nov 2014). I share the same experience, after ordering my Ultimaker nothing seems to happen. Mails about the order status are not answered. Considering that they charged my PayPal account already with the full amount this is a little bit disturbing. @Ultimaker team: Yes, you did a good job with your printers, we hope that you are all busy with production and shipment of our orders but please be more communicative to customers who already paid in full !
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