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  1. Hi, Today during a 3 hour print my cooling fan suddenly stopped working. The fan output on the board isn't working anymore for both printing or via the ulticontroller command. At first I thought the fan died but I tried 2 other ones but they all didn't work on the fan output on the pcb but did work on the 'always on' 24v output on the pcb. The soldering looks fine and board didn't short out or anything like that. I restored the board multiple times with no results. All the parts on the printer are stock Ultimaker parts. Can anyone please help me? I have no idea how to fix this , the bo
  2. Sorry for the bad quality, just some bad lighting.
  3. I can't find anything abnormal on the board, al the solder dots look good and pins in the connector are as they should be. the board itself is brand new as far as I know. the Z-stage just never worked for me with this one. I'm honestly not really comfortable with soldering a brand new and quite expensive board
  4. I got it via on of the main retailers of Ultimaker, since they don't do it themselves anymore. Ultimaker directed me to them for support themselves. So it should be legit.
  5. With switching the motors, the z motor isn't the problem. Whatever is connect to the z-port in the PCB shows problems.
  6. Here's the old board, it burned above the x stepperdriver and discoloured around the x,y and z driver.
  7. I switched the Y- and Z-steppermotor for a quick test. The Z-steppermotor doesn't seem to be the problem because now the Y axis isn't working properly. I still have no idea how to solve this, Anyone?
  8. Thanks for the tips! The endstop works as it should and stops the bed from going down when activated manually. I'll try switching the steppermotors when I have time and access to the printer.
  9. Hi, some time ago my PCB burned out. A few days ago I received a new one and connected it to all the components. Everything on the printer works as it's supposed to except for the Z-axis stepper. Moving the bed down works as it should but all efforts of moving it up results in it move down but at a much slower rate. It doesn't matter if I use the controller or the usb cable and cura. I reinstalled the firmware en restored the printer via the controller multiple times. so in short: if i try to move it down, the bed moves down in a slow and noisy way. there is no upward motion Can anybo
  10. Thanks for the help, I'll try it out tomorrow
  11. Thanks for the help. Can you show me where to connect it to the board and what to so with the firmware? I have no experience so far with firmware and such. I would very much appreciate it!
  12. Hi, I want to put a small fan on my printhead to cool the hotend (prevent cloging), for printing materials like bronzefill. I order a 30mm fan, https://www.conrad.nl/nl/sunon-ha30101v3-0000-a99-axiaalventilator-industrie-12-vdc-594-mh-b-x-h-x-d-30-x-30-x-10-mm-184263.html?sc.ref=Brand%20List The problem is; I have no idea how to wire it to the pcb. I can't use the LED port because I allready use it. Can anyone help me out?
  13. Are the heaterblock and the nozzle still for sale? I'm interested in both.
  14. Thanks, I wasn't sure if the difference in amps would be an issue. Won't the second fan have less power due to resistance of the first fan? Or is the difference not even noticeable?
  15. Hi people of the Ultimaker community, I recently got my UMO+ to actually start printing. The prints look great and the printer is really fast. Although the overhang quality was kind of a disappointment. I experimented with the temperature of the nozzle and the fan speed a bit but still no nice quality. As I read online, adding a fan improves the quality of overhang printing. So I want to add a fan. I have two super silent 30mm 12v fans laying around which I want to use for this setup. After taking the stock fan off I noticed it was a 24v one and not 12v as I read everywhere online.
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