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  1. i guess i can just drag the gcode on to the exe and it will process that... but thats a pain.
  2. so gpx apparently works with cura, but i cant find any place to put in a post script to point to my gpx exe... anyone?
  3. So i upgraded the latest sailfish.. I was under the impression (wrong or right) that it could. thanks There actually seems to be very little google knows about this A few references to upgrading to sailfish so that I (the poster on the other forum) can use Cura. My issue seems to be that cura exports gcode, which apparently the printer can only read x3g, but cura doesnt give an option to produce x3g.. Ill keep hunting, but if anyone has the info, please let me know. thank you in advance... great folks
  4. Good afternoon fine folks... So i am a HUGE cura fan.. I use it as exclusively as I can.. I recently came across a FF creator pro, which of courses uses binary x3g as its file type. Is there any way to make cura work with x3g files? I have heard in the past that people can copy gcode from cura, in to repg, or whatever other program and just export that gcode from in there... Ive also heard in the past this causes issues.. Is anyone aware if those issues still persist? Thank you guys and gals...
  5. I have to say I would have likely never thought about that... Seems so easy, but I think thats awesome... 45 degrees one way should get it there... thank you sir.
  6. Good evening... First time poster... I have a rostock max v2 that i love, but ive only recently started using Cura, which.... wait for it..... I love.. its been the best slicer ive used so far for quality on this large print im working on. Question i have is as the first layer is being drawn, then filled in, it always prints on 45 degree angle from the permiter.. is there a way to make it print perpendicular? Reason i ask, is at the very top most layer thats visible, often times the angles look terrible, and the perps, look much better. thank you
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