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  1. 8th Jan, 2014: "Both Ultimakers are upgradable. Ultimaker O receives updates and Ultimaker 2 will go dual extrusion soon!Do you have more Q? :)" https://twitter.com/ultimaker/status/420872373517426688 Yes, I have one. How much money will Ultimaker give back to me now? (Having received my UM2 two weeks ago, specifically choosing to buy UM2 because of the promised dual extrusion upgrade) Oh and stop it with the "hit'n'print" propaganda. When I got my UM2 following your manual strictly the boot up wizard was a micrometer from scratching the glass and I had to learn how to do cold pulls the fi
  2. The same test with the supplied clear plastic PLA from Ultimaker generated a successful cylinder, with some hints of slight underextrusion regularly at 10mm. I was already happy with the above purple test since the fail had other causes than underextrusion though. (Regarding getting prints to stick unfortunately it doesn't matter if I use a spotless glass plate or glue - but that's for another thread.)
  3. Extrusion cylinder test, Ultimaker 2 received last week. The PLA used is by Velleman, bought from kjell.com in Sweden. As far as I've been able to understand the comments in this thread, I probably* don't have any extrusion problems. The fail is (?) because of the layer not sticking to the one under it. The second image shows the inward bending of the layers just on top of the bottom. *) I do have print failures - not a single successful print done so far. Even when using glue the prints comes loose off the build plate.
  4. FWIW, I got my UM2 two days ago and have seen the same thing since the start. /Troed
  5. Indeed it did! Heating up the nozzle made the bowden tube come out without problems. Next up the feeder had ground down the filament completely and I had to help by pulling manually to remove it. I then did four atomic cleanings of the nozzle before I got the desired nice cone without contamination. Many thanks for the tips - I'm now somewhat further to make my first print without problems. (The issues I still have are better served in another thread) /Troed
  6. Hi all, Yesterday I received my Ultimaker 2 and today, after some outside-of-the-manual investigation needed to correctly level the print bed, I tried to make my first print. At first try (following the wizard) nothing was extruded from the nozzle at all after having loaded the filament. The feeder was ticking constantly but even with a slight manual push nothing appeared when the guide said I should wait for it to do. I switched the printer off/on and re-did everything in the wizard and this time blue plastic (from the factory test print) was extruded followed by the clear PLA I used (what
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