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  1. So here is what solved the issue. We changed the firmware to UM 2. Then tested the machine. It worked fine. So then we changed the firmware to UM2+. The problem is resolved. Thanks to all who have answered. -Small
  2. Yes I had accidentally placed the orange blue wire fan into 8/16 connector. I now fixed it and changed it to where it should be (In the green box indicated in the picture attached. But according to the Ultimaker 2+ instructions video, the yellow green wires for the rear fan are supposed to go 'FAN PWM' (Light blue box in my picture) and that's where they are placed even in an another UM2+ I own. Thus that where I hae them right now unlike the pins marked in blue box in your picture. Now when I changed the port and turned on the printer, the buildplate rises and hits the extruder so I manu
  3. Yes I had accidentally placed the orange blue wire fan into 8/16 connector. I now fixed it and changed it to where it should be (In the green box indicated in the picture attached. But now the build-plate hits the extruder without stopping. -Best Small
  4. Since I just did the up gradation, am stuck on the calibration process. The printer wont let me move ahead to raise and lower the build platform. But, I checked the Z Limit Switch. Its is functioning properly. Checked all wires. They see intact. Thanks -Small
  5. Hi, I upgraded Ultimaker 2 to Ultimakr 2+ with their extrusion upgrade kit. Watched the video of instructions and did it exactly as per the instructions (Have done a similar thing to an other UM2 printer and was installed successfully). Please watch the attached link for the video After up-gradation kit was installed the firmware was upgraded to version 2.3. Started the calibration process after turning on the printer. After the calibration step is about to complete. The build platform moves not all the way down (Shown in video) and gives an ERROR - STOPPED Z Switch Broken Thought i
  6. Thanks Neotko! Appreciate everyone who responded for your input. -Small
  7. Hello Neotko, Please see attached image. Its the polou info for the company that makes steps motors locally: BH42 SH 47-1704 AF . The only major difference I see if I am not wrong is that the one Ultimaker 2 uses SY42STH38-1684A has Drive Set - Voltage 24 VAC Constant Current: 1.68 A Half Step and the one available to me Drive Set - Voltage 24 VAC Constant Current: 1.7 A Full Step. Does that make a difference? Thanks for all your help. -Small
  8. I found a local supplier with the following specifications: NEMA 17 stepper motor with a 1.8º step angle; Holding torque 0.44 Nm/4.4 Kg-cm. Current 1.7 A Does anyone know if it should work? Thanks!
  9. Yes I checked, its the stepper motor. I peeled off the sticker from the motor, here are the numbers I foind on the sticker: SY42STH38-1684A 060038101 The dimension on the Y axis is motor are: 39 X 40 mm. Thanks!
  10. Hi, My Ultimaker 2's stepper motor (Y Axis) doesn't work anymore and I urgently need to install a new one. Ordering one form ultimaker will take a long time. Anyone aware of the configuration of the kind of stepper motor they use in Ultimaker 2. Is it NEMA 16 0.9 or 1.8? Thanks in advance. Small
  11. Hello all, Thank you all so much for the support. The Y motor was the problem. I dissembled it from the unit. Upon inspection, the turns were a bit rigid. Opened the motor, then took the rotor out. I manually turned it a couple of times till it was smooth. Put it back and now its working fine. Really appreciate all your help! 8)
  12. We tried to narrow down the problem to X and Y axis. For that we made the printer run X axis and Y axis in 2 separate prints. Here are the results. Y Axis Print: X Axis Print: Seems like some problem with the Y axis (Motor). Any suggestions?
  13. Thanks for getting back. I will try opening the micro switch as you mentioned and check it with a multi-meter.
  14. Thank you for getting back. We did update the firmware when the machine started to act out. But did not factory reset. But am going to try and do both again. Yes, it still made the noise when we lowered the current. The print head moves smoothly with the power off. Will do the necessary like you asked and post soon. Thanks again.
  15. Thanks for responding @IRobertI. sorry about the video. Posting better video's below. I did check all the pulley's. Yes, that included those on the motor shaft as well. I tightened all of them. They seem to work fine. The belt aren't skipping teeth. Checked on that. Nothing is scraping against the walls of the machine. Oiled all the rods. The noise seems to be coming from the print head. When I try to home the print head, this it what it does: Then its reads X or Y limit switch broken on the screen. I checked to see if the X limit switch was working: Its works fine. As shown in the v
  16. Thanks for your response. I checked the limit switch in the back on the X axis. Seems to work fine. I hear a click. Checked the Y axis limit switch as well. It works fine too.
  17. Hello, I have looked and looked to see if anyone else encountered the problem I am facing with my UM2. Unfortunately I havent seen any posts that match my problem so please help me get this printer running. Here is a video to illustrate the issue. We checked the X limit switch, the Y limit switch manually. They work perfectly fine. Printer head when manually moved works fine without excess friction. The pulleys are tight (Compared them to my other UM2). We updated the firmware when we first encountered the problem . The current firmware updated is 15.04.2 According to 3dverkstan guide
  18. Yes, checked the pulleys. They seem tight. Compared them to the other UM2 I have. Seem to be the same on how tight they are.
  19. Yes the head is easily movable. When tried to move it to home base. Its easily moves back from any position.
  20. By end switches - Do you mean the limit switches? If yes, I checked them. They seem to work fine. The two middle shafts also do not touch structure of the UM2.
  21. Hi, My Ultimaker 2 has been printing fine for a couple of months. Today the print head started making a really loud noise and was stuck on the 5-6 layer while it was printing an object on X and Y Axis. I shut the printer and retried the print. It did the same thing again. I updated the firmware of the machine immediately and retried to print. Also the Cura is up to date. Same problem persists. We tightened the pulley, greased the rods. But it was no help Please see the attached video to understand better. Any help would be nice. Thanks!
  22. I received my second Ultimaker 2 today. I was inspecting if anything was broken in transit and that's when I noticed a crack running from top to bottom of the black body of the printer head. Please see pictures attached below. Is this supposed to be there or did it come broken? i checked my old Ultimaker 2 and noticed it has the crack as well. But the crack formation seems different than the new one. I believe it could have cracked from the use. Should by new Ultimaker 2 have it as well or is it broken? Thanks for help -Small
  23. I tried the atomic method. During the cold pull, I noticed that there is a small blob right below the triangle at the end. Please see pictures attached. I do not recall seeing such in the past. Could that be due to the deformed coupler? @gr5, I have been experiencing this issue even in a fresh filament reel. I haven't removed the coupler to see if its deformed yet. But I felt there was definitely friction while moving the filament up-down in the coupler.
  24. I have been printing an order on my UM2 for the past few weeks. (Purchased in January 2015) I started printing it with PLA (ColorFabb) at 210 C; Layer Height 0.2 mm; Speed 60 mm/sec. The more I printed the same file, I started experiencing issues of feeder skipping and under extrusion especially while printing the brim. Thus, I raised the temperature to 220 C, then to 225 C and now 240 C. If I lower the temperature any less than 240 C, the extruder starts under-extruding and the feeder starts skipping a lot. Now the problem occurs while printing the brim as well as the actual object. (Layer
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