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  1. I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to share with you guys. I have been printing with Colorfab nGen recently (and loving it) and I recently had an adhesion issue where the support that was printing came loose. I took it out, and as the print continued, the material began to build up over that area in mid air. By the time it came to print the overhang, there was enough support material for the printer to work with. Pretty neat!
  2. Hey guys, I'm happy to report it was a simple plate issue. I flipped the plate, then during printing, I raised it up slightly and could see the difference in the brim as it printed. Thanks for the tip (and the correction)!!!
  3. Hello! Thank you for responding. Sorry the other shots weren't very detailed. Hopefully these are better. The brill on the underside at the extreme ends is not glass smooth, and at the worst part, the print itself started to lift off the plate. Interestingly, the underside of the print everywhere else looks great, but when I tried to print without brill (pla 60c, 210c) the print lifted off the plate and warped in one area. What appears to be happening is that after a couple rings of brill, the nozzle starts to smudge the lines and they become increasingly ragged. When it gets to printing the
  4. I just outfitted my Ultimaker 2 with the 2+ Upgrade kit and it prints great! Except... Although the print itself comes out very clean, my brim get very distorted for some reason and the area that is distorted is prone to warping. Any thoughts? Apologies if this has been answered somewhere else. I did a bit of searching on here, but could not find a solution.
  5. Thanks for the tips y'all. I tried doing the atomic pull and a few other tips but am experiencing the same issue. Here's a video of a print starting from the beginning printing just the brim. At :15s you can hear it 'chirp'. Unfortunately the print head is in the way of the extrusion, but when that chirp happens, it stops extruding for a few seconds. When the head moves out of the way, you can see where it missed. It does it again at about :29s.
  6. Thank you gr5, this makes total sense! I am sure it is the answer to my perceived troubles.
  7. Thanks everybody! I finally got some time to try some of these solutions. Unfortunately none of them worked, although I haven't tried a factory reset yet. : It happens when I first start a print. As it starts to heatup, i will go to tune and temperature is set to 0. Once I set it to 200c the setting doesn't change until i go to print again. : I am running Cura 15.04 stock and have not installed any plug-ins. I opened up the gcode file for a model I wanted to print but there were no matches for anything containing M103, M104, or M109. : I tried customizing the setting to 205 (default was set
  8. Thanks for the tips all! I will try and tweak the settings and see if my retraction issue is solved.
  9. Hi, I have an Ultimaker 2 and I am printing PLA at 100mm/s and 200c temperature. I have had my printer since March and only tried a few overnight prints. All but one time the filament got bound up and choked off the feed making the print unable to finish. When this happens the feeder chews through the filament until it breaks and I have to disassemble the feeder to remove the broken filament. After the last time this happened I seem to be having an issue where, every time the print retracts the filament during printing, the material stops extruding for a couple seconds leaving little beads
  10. I have tried finding the answer to this on the forum but can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone tell me why my UM2 resets the nozzle temp (to zero) every time i print? The weird thing is that the build plate, and other settings, don't reset. Surely this is not the intended design. I am printing files I made using pla. Thanks!
  11. Is there a way to print directly from the usb connection from computer to printer? I want print without having to use the sd card. Sorry if this has already been covered a dozen times. Thanks!
  12. I just got my new U2 and was ecstatic to began printing. However a few minutes into navigating the lcd display with the little wheel, the wheel stopped clicking. It will rotate but not click. It seems that the wheel has come loose from it's shaft. We took off the panel underneath the chip board that the wheel is attached to but cant pull the wheel through the opening to tighten it because the bezel is wider than the opening I think. Can anyone shed light on this fix? Thanks!
  13. Hey guys, thanks so much! I have to agree, the people on this forum have been extremely helpful. The culture you've built around this product is commendable. Thanks again!
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