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  1. I am enjoying my ultimaker 2+ so far but I am having problems reaching the best print quality at a decent speed. In order to make ghosting invisible I have had to reduce acceleration to 750mm/s^2 and jerk to 3. This is relatively slow for printing large objects so I am looking for some community feedback here. What acceleration and jerk settings are people able to print https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:277394 with no visible ghosting? I suspect the spring tensioner may be contributing to these low values so I am also looking for any tips/tricks to possibly improve belt tension? All the best
  2. I am a PhD student working at the University of Liverpool studying physics. My whole project is focused around designing, constructing and operating a novel detector for liquid argon neutrino physics. You can see a render of our experiment design below. Please see our website if you want more details http://hep.ph.liv.ac.uk/ariadne/index.html The difficulty with liquid argon experiments is that ultra high purity is required for the internal components as well as the ability to operate at cryogenic temperatures. These conditions are very demanding and list of materials we can use is simila
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