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  1. Hi guys, Had a little test today with a fan pushing some cool air underneath the printer and it worked perfectly! the test print is twice as tall as the failed print next to it I'm now in the process of designing something a little more permanent to keep the electronics cool. Thank you for the help and advice!
  2. Thanks for the replies, ill look into the stepper drivers. would it be possible to build a case of sort below the whole unit to house the board? like a computer case blowing in cool air?
  3. Hi, No always at different times and different heights, it doesn't seem to do it if the print is below 20mm high.
  4. Hopefully someone can help me as I'm tearing my hair out Ultimaker original+, prints great to start with but after an hour or so the layers shift on the y-axis, always towards the back of the machine, sometimes the print will shift slightly each layer until after 3 or 4 layers it will shift 10-15mm across the y-axis. Here are some pictures Belts are tight and every axis oiled well, settings are standard Cura for printing PLA. The axis seem to be lined up fine also. Any help would be very much appreciated
  5. Thanks for the reply, I think I may have sorted it! the pulley on the y-motor wasnt tight enough, just running as test now and it seems to be working fine, thanks eveyone for the advice! :-P
  6. Tried again this morning with little luck, sorry the photos are very hard to see with the reflection of the glass, it will print the majortiy of the circle fine but then gets to a point and the next circle layer is way of the mark, you can just see in the photo the second layer of the teeth is almost in the middle of the first layer :unsure: I dont think it is anything to do with the print settings but here they are anyway Any ideas? :-|
  7. Thanks for the info! I shall have a play again tomorrow, that was printing at 25mm/sec with a bed temp of 65 and nozzle at 210, that was actually the second attempt as the first head shifted about 10mm back from the body haha hence why I tighten the pulleys the gear in the second pic seems to print one half of the circle then completely goes of on a wonk
  8. Hi Izzy, Thanks for the reply, everything is oiled as it should be, the head does move pretty smooth after a little bit of force, I've got nothing to compare it to so its hard to know how it should be haha, should it be moved push with a really slight push of a finger? Or require a bit of force?
  9. That is awesome! I can imagine extremely pricey though
  10. Hello, Ive just built my ultimaker + and managed to print a fairly succesful print (not great but its my first go ) after a couple of tweeks tightening pulleys etc. So i decided to try and print an better extruder but when it starts to print a large gear this happens All the pulleys are tight and belt tension seems fine so im a bit lost, would be much appreciated if anyone could help? Cheers Ryan
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