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  1. Update: I've followed the troubleshooting advice on the UM Error pages and swapped the connectors over between TEMP1 and TEMP3. The error then becomes a simple MAXTEMP displayed on the Ulticontroller, so from this I assume that the fault lies with the bed rather than the control board(s). So I've stripped the bed down and checked the resistances across the various connections and terminals. Measured at the tails at the back of the connector block on the heated bed plate, the PT100 sensor is showing a steady 108.3 ohms at approx. 19C room temperature. The main heater track gives a r
  2. First post on the forum, even though I've been signed up here for quite a while. So - hello to everyone. I bought a UMO kit in July 2012. Then life got in the way. So I only started to build it late last year. By then, I'd added an Ultimaker HBK kit to the pile, so that got included as I built the kit, along with a Flex3Drive head, as the head construction that was part of the original kit didn't match the instructions (I think it was a very early version of the head) and it didn't look as though it would work well anyway. Last week, I finally got to the point were I co
  3. The hot ends I've got are v1, which just has a threaded brass tube coming out of the top of the alumiminium block. There's no stepped brass collar - the knurled PEEK part just screws on to the brass thread. Things seemd to have moved on quite a bit since then.... I had a look on the Wiki pages, but couldn't find any 'archived' assembly instructions?
  4. My first post on the forum, so hello to all. I've read this thread with some interest. My situation is probably a little different to most and I'm seeking a little advice from Those In The Know: I bought a UM kit (what's now the Original, by the looks of things) in July 2012. Work and other commitments then delayed the building of it a bit - I've only just started putting it together :-| . The downloaded assembly instructions for the current Original have seen me through, until I came to the hot end assembly. There are several detail differences between the parts in my kit and what's in the
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