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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by "Back side", this is the top (last layers printed) The fuzzy looking parts around the perimeter are excess filament pushed over the cliff. There's also the spiral pattern which I didn't expect. The disk is slightly over thick at 5.12 mm. This is not anything I've hit before. Snapmaker A350, ABS, 245/95 Filament is in a 55C drybox and then passed through a 90C inline dryer, and the whole path is enclosed in PTFE tube.
  2. If anything it's over extruded. I just re-checked the extrusion cal with this roll and same print temp, and it was dead on. I'm running it again now. Looks ok so far.
  3. I printed a solid 100mm by 5mm disc. Didn't want any infill, so I set the wall layers to prevent infill. It printed the outer section first, which makes sense I guess, then the inside. But the end result was not what I expected. See picture. It's very "shaggy" What's happening here? Extrusion was just calibrated to this roll and print temperature, and speed.
  4. Wow. I did not expect that. A pretty kludgey way to do it, especially if it can screw up subsequent prints. They print the text in the side of the tower.. I guess I should have known this since an STL can't have temp commands encoded, but since it was in a library of cal objects I expected that it was gcode. I see the limitations now. But there wasn't even the slightest warning that such was necessary when I pulled in the test object.
  5. That's what I used. No temperature changes. All levels are the same.
  6. I'm new to Cura. I thought I would run a temperature tower, and I got that to print, but it never changes temperature. Do I have to put in the temperature commands in the Gcode? If so, how do I know where (which layer) to put them in?
  7. I have a Robo3D which works fine with my windows machine. I am intending to move it to my Zotac linux box, (Fedora) which has Cura installed. Unfortunately.... I have no evidence that Cura can communicate to the printer. Cura knows if the printer isnt connected to the linux box. When I try to run the bed leveling wizard, Cura lets me know immediately that the printer isn't connected. So I connect the printer, and then Cura searches forever (12 hours plus) and never connects to the printer. What can I do
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