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  1. Hello, I am looking for stories of how you or architectural firm you work for/with use desk top 3D printers. I am trying to justify getting a 3D printer for our office in Phoenix Arizona and I have read a lot of stuff about the great things that 3D printers can do but there are also limitation to the desktop printers like the speed and the layering of the material on the finished model. I would love to hear about your experiences and how clients on work colleagues have perceived these limitations. Thanks
  2. I am looking for some tips or tricks to get good results from printing models that are generated from Autodesk's Revit software. Right now I am exporting to 3DS Max, doing some minor clean up then exporting to STL. I get descent results for large parts, but for details parts there are usually lots of missing faces in the polymesh objects that cause a lot of issues with cura.
  3. Thanks for all the info. On the scale, I meant to say 1/4" =1'-0". A 30x80 in door would end up being 15mm x 40.8mm. I believe I can still get a decent amount of detail working with that size of parts and still make them strong enough. On filament, Ultimaker has set up a U.S. distribution partner (www.fbrc8.com) to handle the building and shipping of Ultimaker in the US. I have found that there price on filament is almost half what has been posted on amazon lately. Around $38 per 90m spool. I am hoping to get my hands on the Ultimaker about 3-4 weeks before we really need to stat the model building process.
  4. Hello all, This is my first post to this forum and I wanted to get some help from other users that might be using there 3D printer for Architecture work. The frim I am working for has a project that is requiring around 18, 1/4 scale models of a mix of residential and commercial buildings. The original plan for these models was to create them out of basswood. When I offered the option to be able to print some of the smaller more complicated parts like, doors, windows, awnings, trellis the project team got excited. Both because of the added detail that we could provide, but the time savings on the model building it self. My question to all of you is, How good of experience should I expect from bringing a Ultimaker 2 into our office with people that have never used a 3D printer before? What kind of results can I expect & what shortfalls or limitations should be expected? Thanks, I look forward to your comments.
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