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  1. It's been a while, but I did find the code change I've made back then: https://github.com/smurn/Ultimaker2Marlin/commit/425f89ecc549e8feb6db6349525146e957f7d45f The firmware has changed since then, of course, but maybe this still useful. Those were the only changes I've made, and the printer has been working just fine the last two years.
  2. It's alive! That was indeed all it took. Works like a charm again. Puhh, I already saw several weeks without a printer and quite a bill coming towards me...
  3. Thanks neotko, I'll try that this evening and report back. Good idea to verify the pin numbers with the schematic. I just did that. As expected, the pin numbers in the header file are correct.
  4. My UM2 is not happy :( I've managed to fry the stepper driver for the Y-Axis. Pretty clear case, the PCB is charred where the magic smoke escaped from the chip. There is an unused axis for a second extruder (E2) on the board... I've quickly looked at the code, It looks like I could just swap the STEP_PIN, DIR_PIN, and ENABLE_PIN entries in pins.h for MOTHERBOARD==72 (STOP_PIN should probably remain the same, I guess thats the end-switch). I'd rather not use a custom compiled firmware, but its cheaper than a replacement board. I'd appreciate if someone more familiar with Marlin could tell
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