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  1. Did you level it with the bed heated or cold? Heat may cause the bed to change very slightly. It's a bigger issue with other printers. I'd also tighten all three adjustment screws a few turns, move your Z stop down a little and level it again. If the adjustment screws are way too tight, the springs might putting too much tension on the assembly, and I'd loosen them and move the z stop up a little.
  2. So, just to add to an older thread with an amazingly positive story. I ordered my Ultimaker original + directly from Ultimaker on April 17, and received it on April 21. I assembled it and had my first print in 2 days. There was one addition to my kit that you may not of had. A bag of assorted extra screws. None of the individual bags were labeled, so I measured the hardware and wrote the length on each bag of bolts. There were also belt tension springs that weren't listed in the directions, and some extra delrin pieces on the tree that I haven't found a use for yet. The problems I have had so far :The shafts on the X and Y axis stepper motors were almost too short to mount the belts properly. I had to swap the X and Y end stop switches (I may have had them switched in the first place) Other than that, so far so good! Also the $ is up against the Euro = built in savings!
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