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  1. thanks! I just noticed on the file I thought was good that the nozzle did turn off before the motion was done, but it did not matter since the last several moves only took a ~2 seconds. Cura 2.3.1 is putting that M104 command in the gcode. I did comment that out and things are working better. I like the idea of the M400 suggestion, this would come in handy in a lot of other contexts too. FYI - Changing my CURA version is a HUGE undertaking that I fear going through.
  2. Only some files on my UM2+ are turning off my nozzle (like a M104 S0) before the print is done. It's like the firmware is using some look-ahead and executing the "M104 S0" immediately before all the buffered "G" movements are done. So what happens is the nozzle temp drops resulting in grinding and under extrusion. So far I am only noticing it on very simple files (only about 120 lines total) AND ONLY if a second layer and fan are needed. (FYI-warning these files are for a 2.0mm nozzle , so if you try to print with a smaller nozzle you will have trouble - in cura line_width=2.0mm) EXAMPLE good - MixC-L0-C0_Noz20_6C.gcode = this files prints fine , only has 1 layer and does not use the fan. EXAMPLE trouble - MixC-L1-C0_Noz20_6C.gcode = this file turns off nozzle about half way through. has 2 layers and uses the fan. NOTE based on the gcode the nozzle should not turn off before the fan, but the fan does keep running the the nozzle goes to zero. These are just two files from a set of 14 gcode files that make this print, all 7 files that are single layer-nofan work great all 7 that are 2 layer-fan fail in the same way. UM2+ extend (firmware May 11 2016 13:14:11) CURA 2.3.1 (windows 7) What can I do to stop this? Any suggestions are appreciated. I am considering commenting out the fan off command and manually turning that off at the end of the job.
  3. peetersm

    Ultimaker Community | Forum migration

    Fingers crossed. I'm looking forward to a new font! and leaving bugs and frustrations behind. Even if I lose all my old posts, and go back to "level 1" I think this is a good move.
  4. peetersm

    general forum feedback

    @sandervg this is great news. I am so happy for us. I also agree with @lepaul that "ease of use, quick load time, pleasing to the eyes to view content and so on" should be factored into the reboot. This site forum (and the UM site) is horrible on so many levels. I am so happy about this news. Is it too much to hope that you will be ditching this font too.
  5. peetersm

    4th graders using openSCAD

    We do a lot with openSCAD at the lower grade levels. It's free, cross platform, reinforces mathematics and computer coding, and has a easy learning curve if you're only doing basic stuff yet is very deep if you want to do fancy things. With the really small kids we keep them in 2D art programs as an intro. see this write up Once the kids get older (13yrs+) then we can introduce things like tinkercad (due to legal reasons). The High school kids use a lot of different tools: meshmixer, tinkercad, (looking for a replacement for 123D Catch - but that was great while it lasted), autodesk, blender.
  6. Here's a photo after I scraped at the flakes with my finger nail and spread some down the side.
  7. This is really strange. I am getting what looks like an accumulation of tiny metal flakes only at the tip of my atomic method pulls. I've already done about 7 pulls and each time I am seeing this. I am not seeing any metal flakes or dust anywhere else in the path (extruder teeth, bowen tube, etc). The outside of my nozzle looks fine, before the pull the filament looks like it's coming out really nice and cylindrical, after the pull when I look down inside the nozzle I see shinny clean looking inside of my nozzle. BUT when I look at the pull I get these strange flakes only on the tip (see photos below). I can scratch the shiny flakes off the tip of the pull and they are fine and power like. Has anyone else seen this? What could be going on? Should I keep using the atomic method until this goes away (I've done 7 already). --more details- My printer started to slightly under extrude about 30 minutes into a 5 hour print job and at about 1:30H the under extrusion had become so bad I stopped the job. I was trying out a new spool of "Taulman Clear In-PLA - 2.85mm / Clear". I suspected nozzle issues so I have been doing atomic method pulls with some of my trusty ColorFabb PLA/PHA Traffic Red (a spool that about 80% used up and has been super reliable for me) --------photos-------------------------------------
  8. peetersm

    Cura and pauseAtHeight plugin: offset problem

    I think you are correct about adding the raft height. This plugin has always been kinda buggy for me. I use it a lot, you have to put in the exact Z height and it's best to account for slicer rounding. for example...if you have 1st layer=0.3mm and are slicing at 0.2mm you will never have a layer at 20mm, you will have a layer at 19.9mm and a layer at 20.1mm. The plugin has to choose where to do the pause. ALSO - it always breaks horribly if you try to do more that one pause in the print. This has always been an issue. I just jams all the pauses into the same space, ignoreing any height info you're given it. But works good for a single pause.
  9. peetersm

    Cura 2.4 and One-At-A-Time - RESOLVED

    for "one at a time" I use cura 15.X I think cura 2.3 and 2.4 are broken for "one at a time". for one thing I think they ignore the print head size, and I get items crashing into the print head. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/39281-cura-not-using-user-set-machine-print-head-size
  10. So far looks like the solution was: 1. Do a third "clean install" - not sure why the first 2 did not work. 2. The old printer it was pulling in had a printing profile associated with it that contained a comma in the name, which breaks cura 2.3 and that is why the machine failed to load almost every time. Thanks @ahoeben for seeing the printing profile issue in the logs!
  11. Oh, good eyes. I did not know that was not a character that was allowed. I will keep this in mind when making new machine profiles. Are you aware of any other characters I should avoid? Like slash / or period . Or colon : I could see if this becomes the file name those might cause issues.
  12. UPDATE- I repeated the "clean install" process one more time. --------clean install as I currently understand it--------------------- 1. uninstall all previous versions of cura 2.x using the uninstall.exe file in the C:\Program Files\Cura 2.x folder 2. delete (or rename/remove) this folder *username* \AppData\Local\cura 3. Install the new version. ------------------ AND I'm on my second day of cura remembering the printers, even after reboots. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm and what ever was wrong with the installation is now fixed
  13. UPDATE- I repeated the "clean install" process one more time. --------clean install as I currently understand it--------------------- 1. uninstall all previous versions of cura 2.x using the uninstall.exe file in the C:\Program Files\Cura 2.x folder 2. delete (or rename/remove) this folder *username* \AppData\Local\cura 3. Install the new version. ------------------ AND I'm on my second day of cura remembering the printers, even after reboots. Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm and what ever was wrong with the installation is now fixed.
  14. No I have not. I have only added printers through the normal front end interface.
  15. I've been having a lot of issues with Cura 2.x on win7. Mostly 99% of the time cura will not remember my machines and I have to re-add them every single time I re-open cura. This morning I open cura 2.3.1 and it actually remembered my printer! I closed cura and re-opened and of course it forgot it again. I have saved the data in cura.log from both of these start ups and am comparing the files with notepad++ and here are some of the differences --when it found the printer-- WARNING - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\Settings\ContainerRegistry.py (addContainer [256]): Container of type and id Ultimaker Original+_current_settings already added --when it could not find the printer-- DEBUG - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\Settings\ContainerStack.py (deserialize [235]): While deserializing, we got the following container string: Ultimaker Original+_current_settings,ultimaker_original_plus_0.1mm, wall 1.2, infill 0, mark,normal,generic_pla #2,Ultimaker Original+_variant,ultimaker_original_plus,---ERROR - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\Logger.py (logException [53]): Exception: Could not deserialize container Ultimaker Original+---ERROR - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\Logger.py (logException [53]): Traceback (most recent call last):---ERROR - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-"packages\UM\Logger.py (logException [53]): File ""D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site"-"packages\UM\Settings\ContainerRegistry.py"", line 245, in load"--ERROR - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-"packages\UM\Logger.py (logException [53]): File ""D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site"-"packages\UM\Settings\ContainerStack.py"", line 262, in deserialize"--ERROR - D:\2.3\build\inst\lib\python3.4\site-packages\UM\Logger.py (logException [53]): Exception: When trying to deserialize Ultimaker Original+, we received an unknown ID (ultimaker_original_plus_0.1mm) for container--- Of course there are some other differences in these files, but I think these are the most significant. . both full log files can be found here (with time stamps removed so you can use compare to see difference)

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