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  1. Hi forgive me I don't want to take over this post but to quickly answer the two questions Why is the stitching in the paid only version and how is this stiching any better than say cloudcompare / meshlab / PCL? Stitching is a paid for option, we felt that many users would already have some method of stitching so rather than charge everyone for something they may not need we felt it better to make it optional. Our Stitching solution differs from the existing products on the market primarily due to its simplicity and automated nature. Is the software also capable of only outputting a nor
  2. Hi We recognise that we are late with this detail and the team is in the final throes of clarifying features and pricing. SCANIFY will always come with free software and we expect that the free Fuel3D Studio Starter will provide the ability to capture and view models in multiple modes including full color, monocolor, wireframe and topographical. Studio Starter will also include tools to light, crop and export your full color 3D scans to popular file formats such as .STL, .OBJ and .PLY. Our thinking is that the free version of Fuel3D Studio will be ideally suited for advanced 3D profess
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