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  1. I'm having the same problem. What format does the text for the script have to be in to be recognized by Cura? It will not recognize the script saved from Notepad with the .txt extension removed and .py in it's place.
  2. m2tts

    Thin Walls

    Thanks for the input, and yes I too searched for "thin walls" in the forum and nothing came up that was immediately obvious pertaining to my post.
  3. I'm having trouble printing thin walls with cura. I'm trying to make my own support for a particular piece, and I'm using .4mm walls to do it. Cura doesn't want to build the thin wall though. In layer view it basically looks like fuzz. If I make the wall .42 mm, it will make the wall, which I can see is solid in layer view; but when it's actually getting built on the machine, it's getting done with 2 passes to make the wall and therefore taking twice as long to make. Am I missing something here, or is Cura just never going to use one perimeter to make a thin wall. Just to be clear, i am not talking about using "wire" mode to do this as these thin walls are strictly for support of the main model.
  4. I am in total support of having this functionality in Cura. There seems to be no reason not to complete each perimeter before going on to the next. Just a waste of time the way it jumps around now, and leaves strings as it's doing it.
  5. Trying to place multiple objects on the build platform in 15.06 is just a nightmare. I'm using Win8.1. First of all, please don't automatically place every new object in the middle of the plate, forcing what's already there out of the way. Let me put it where I want it. When duplicating an object, duplicate it in the same orientation as it's currently positioned in. Right now it duplicates and places the part in it's original orientation in the center of the platform, pushing anything that already occupies that space out of the way. I've purposely had to move things off the platform to still have some control over them. But when i go to move them back onto the platform, as i click on it, it flies out of the window, refocuses the window, and then there is no way to move the object back onto the platform as the pick center of the object is nowhere near the center of the part anymore. There has to be a way to remove all the history of the part's transformations while keeping them where they are. Barring that, there should be a numerical transformation display of each object, with the ability to punch in the numbers you want.
  6. I have just noticed for the first time that if you put a part on the bed in Cura 15.06, if the part is too large, the part is automatically scaled to fit the bed. You get no indication that this has happened, and checking the scale box shows that it is currently scaled at 100%. The scale tool should at least show you how much the object was scaled to get it to fit. I really want to turn this auto scaling off as it is inherently dangerous. You may have a part that would just fit on the platform, but would not know that it had been scaled to fit there. Not good when you are creating parts that have to mate with others. Is there some way to turn this auto scaling off? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm trying to print a part that has snap features, but overhanging ledges that are inside the part are not getting support generated under them. How do I get Cura to make these? Thanks
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