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  1. Is there a link somewhere to download the gcode file for this test? I can't see one in Illuminartis post. Am I missing something? I would like to try it and see where my machine tops out. Thanks, Bob
  2. Thank you for this post! I too was having x axis homing problems after having installed an Olsson block and |Robert|'s feeder. I found that I had accidentally caught one of the x axis switch wires under the feeder motor. It also took a couple of days to fail. What was different in my case is that only one of the wires was pinched against the motor. The switch ohmed out fine so I was baffled. What was happening is that the wire was shorted to ground on the feeder motor case. This had the effect of making the machine think the switch was activated all the time. Your post made me look further into the wiring and I found the short to ground. Pulled the wire loose, taped it up, reassembled carefully, and now she works just like new! Whoo-Hoo! The symptom it was showing is that when I would make the head "home" using the maintenance menu, The x axis would not move home. It would hop to the right about 1.5 cm. It would keep doing this with every homing attempt. Eventually it would have ran into the wall on the right side. Thanks again, Bob
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