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  1. Thanks! This is really nice. Got it working great on Mac OS 10.15, once I set up a profile for Cura in the SpaceMouse preferences (which seems to control the overall sensitivity). Had to tweak some of the scalings directions in the plugin to get it to work in ways that felt intuitive to me - which I guess comes down to whether you feel like you're moving the viewer or the object. But it's a very nice improvement!
  2. If you're not comfortable adjusting bed height on the fly, try using the wizard but don't use a piece of paper - just do it by eye: The first thing to do is to make sure that all of your springs are reasonably tight. If they aren't, it's impossible to find the right height with a single sheet of paper, because the tension on the springs is minimal until they're compressed a bit. So, look through the bed from front to back, and adjust the back thumbscrew until the terminal block in the back left corner is about 1mm from touching the lower plate. Tighten the front screws about the same amount
  3. I haven't timed it... but I will. But it doesn't sound entirely unlikely to me. Most of the time is going to be heating the bed. You get diminishing returns on heating the bed, the hotter you go. The head probably only takes a couple of minutes, as it's tiny. The bed is much harder. I generally only print PLA, so I don't heat the bed hotter than about 60. That probably takes 4 or 5 mins I'd guess. So adding that extra 30 degrees to the bed, and heating the head... it feels about normal to me. But I'll do some tests.
  4. Well, as I sip my first coffee of the day... Yay, finally, a US presence! It's been a while coming, but I think it will be great for the community on this side of the Atlantic. :-)
  5. What exactly did you change, firmware-wise?
  6. Firstly, are you sure that you're printing with PLA? Secondly, is your printer set to use PLA as the material? And what temps are preset for that? As a starting point for diagnosing, I would unload the filament, and then do a factory reset (Maintenance -> Advanced -> Factory Reset) It's possible that it could be absorbing some moisture and that could cause steaming etc, but it sounds more likely that the temperature readings are off somehow. Do you have any way to validate the temperature readings for the nozzle - e.g., using an external thermocouple thermometer?
  7. That's awesome Ian... it sounds like the new job is worth the minor hassles to begin with. Mine too :-) Good luck sorting everything out, and we look forward to having you back in the fold when you can.
  8. Aaron - great way to maximize available space, storing your toothbrush in your printer like that!
  9. At least the live TV version of it makes slightly more sense now. Only slightly, but it's a start.
  10. To get rid of the stringy bits, you should also make sure you increase the travel speed as much as possible. At least 250mm/s should work. That will reduce the amount of time the head spends moving between parts, so there will be less time for the plastic to ooze back out while en route.
  11. Good luck Ian! Talking about luck, I could use a bit too. I'm trying to get out and join the gang at Maker Faire in San Francisco. I was supposed to go yesterday morning, but that flight was flat out cancelled the night before. So I was rebooked on a flight at 6:30pm yesterday - but that was delayed so long that my connecting flight (the last one of the day) would already have left by the time I got to Chicago. And so now I'm left with another attempt at 4pm today... if that doesn't happen, it probably won't be worth making the trip out there at all :-(. Flying between anything but the big
  12. I'm just surprised that Stefan has 'Ian' parties. I mean Ian's a great guy and all, but it seems a bit sudden, a bit... much. Maybe it's the whole 3-women-at-once thing that has cemented his mythical status.... * looks bemused *
  13. Yes, it's certainly not a 'free or cheap' program. And that's unfortunate to the extent that it does create a real barrier for a lot of potential users. It's probably the most expensive program that I've ever bought for myself. Strangely, though, I also feel that it's one of the best value programs that i've ever invested in. The sheer volume of professional-grade capabilities that it has, and the efficient, pretty-much bug free way in which it does them always leave me feeling very impressed. It's targeted at a different market, for a different job, but I think that the cost of zBrush for wh
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