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  1. I totally agree with this, seems like I waste a lot more time on the UM3 than I do on my UM2. A lot of this has to do with the print cores. They are heating up/cooling down all the time and it takes forever. I noticed I can't even abort a print and restart it without waiting a couple minutes. All that time adds up, but honestly I think it's probably so that people who don't know what they are doing will have less of a time troubleshooting the machine.

  2. So I did some testing. I have a hunch that the issue is when both of the hot ends are at 200 and 215. That's when the AA core doesn't heatup. it will stay around 197 and 213 respectively.

    I did try your fix and that sometimes made it instantly begin the next later, and sometimes not. It still stopped during the next layer.

    Do you think it's the print? Can you guys point me to some good test prints for PLA and PVA?

    Here is a pic of the temperature.html page. Is the bed power supposed to be fluctuating that much?




    @tomnagel  I think you nailed it.  It was doing the first layer then sitting in that corner until I came back ~1 hour later.  The other day we had a massive print fail where PLA got stuck over the entire outside of the cover and when it got cleaned up we must have lost the o'ring on the BB core.  What kind of o'ring is this?  I don't see any mention of it.  Could you ship us a new one?  I have emailed you the logs.

  4. Not sure what is going on. Finally got the printer printing with PVA and PLA. Now for some reason between layers the machine is homing to the back right and staying there until I press "pause" then "unpause." Then it will do another layer and do the same thing. This is happening between each layer that I print with both PVA and PLA. Printing with PLA works just fine. I printed 3DBenchy in just PLA without any issues.

    I don't have any plugins enabled. I will post the GCode to see if there are any issues there. I can also get logs off the machine. Has anyone seen this behavior?

    I also rebooted machine to see but it's still the same.

    Using default profiles on CURA 2_4(beta) and the 2_3_1(released) app. Both have same issue. I will take some video of this today.

  5. I should have taken a picture of it for you. There was no way that I was going to get all that stuff out of the nozzle. I could have hot pulled for days. It was golden burned. I think we have a bug in our machine. Posting another thread that will explain, but for some reason I think what is happening is that machine is getting confused homing itself to the back right (when looking at machine) and sitting there with the heat on. I think this caused it to burn up and get super clogged.

    We are using Cura. I have tried the new 2.4 beta and the 2_3 version. I also upgraded the FW on the machine to the most recent stable version. I'm using default printing profiles and ultimaker PVA and matter hackers PLA. Haven't had any issue with the PLA yet.

  6. I'm wondering if the prime tower object that is being printed at the same time as the main object is really needed. I'm assuming so since it's default on the main print, but I'm having trouble with the prime tower as it keeps failing the print. Thanks in advance.

  7. @tomnagel I have used multiple ultimaker 2/2+'s for a few years now. I know how to do hot/cold pulls. I spent an hour doing pulls yesterday. I read all the instructions on the website. The new printer core is a complete piece of shit.

    Yesterday while doing cold/warm pulls I broke the bowden tube at the top of the printer. There isn't a drip coming out of the nozzle.

    I think it is unfair for you to say that removing the nozzle is "never" necessary.

  8. Thanks for the information. I loved the Ulti2, but this Ulti3 has been a total piece of shit. We've spent more time fixing it than printing on it. We can reach out to reseller as well.

    I don't see a lot of burned PVA inside print core 2, but it's being a real pain in the ass, did a bunch of hot/cold pulls I can't get anything through or out.

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