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  1. Thanks, I didn't reported it on Github yet.
  2. I have windows 7 64bit and it works fine for me. It's probably a graphics card/driver issue. I'm guessing that unless/until a few other people have this same issue it probably won't get looked at as there are about 100 other important issues to fix in Cura and unless one of the programmers can duplicate this it will be tough to fix. Thanks for clearing that! I have a dual boot iMac so it must be a Windows driver problem. I'll use the previouse version untill the other items have been fixed while working in Windows.
  3. Version 1.0


    Designed for the start of the Tour de France in Utrecht.
  4. @gr5 as I said before in OSX it is possible to rotate but not in Win 7 (x64 bit) version. The red, green and other colour (I'm not at my printer computer) circles are not showing after I clicked the rotate icon. Nor does scale.
  5. I installed the software on OSX and Win 7 (x64) and when I place an object on the buildplatform then on OSX it is possible to rotate (spheres around my model appear) but on the Win 7 (x64) nothing happens or appears. The same for scaling. I hope this helps others..
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