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  1. Hi all, having some trouble with my Ultimaker 2 Go, almost at the end of a print the printer give me the Z axis is warning and pushes the platform up into the nozzle. Cleaned the machine down made sure nothing was nothing obstructing it and after manually moving it up and down a couple of times,, started the machine up again. Everything looked fine until I start a print, using the same gcode I've used three times in the last couple of days, same settings and filament and I get this...... I've done all the usual checks,nozzle's clean, settings are fine, to double check I did a factory reset
  2. Thanks for the help guys. I was going to come on here and ask if it was possible to force Cura to run in software mode while keeping hardware acceleration on for everything else in case Nilrogs theory was right. Somehow I lucked into a solution though. It was definitely the drivers. I took the opportunity to start from scratch and install a custom version on Win7. (did I mention I can't stand that OS? haha) This version came with generic drivers that I have no idea what they are or where they come from =/ but they work. Hardware acceleration is working fine and Cura is visible again.
  3. Yup, makes sense but as I said in the first post Cura is working fine with OEM drivers but everything obviously runs slowly which makes using a cad program almost impossible. With Intels driver cad is fine but Cura has problems. If the problem was hardware this couldn't happen.
  4. Hear hear. I agree. Unfortunately it's way too easy to disable a firewall. That's why I first misunderstood you. In almost every tech forum I've been on "Disable your firewall/antivirus" is up there with "Reinstall Windows" as an answer to anything. "My fuse blew in my monitor" "Have you tried disabling your antivirus" "My friend had this, he had to reinstall his Windows" etc: =D It's good to hear you're keeping Cura grounded. The one thing I've been really happy with it with so far is it doesn't need installing either. I hope it stays that way too.
  5. That's the old Cura? I only downloaded it yesterday!?!? Tech moves faster than I thought =P I'll check out 15.06. I have a feeling it won't help but anything for a laugh. The A300 is a satellite pro from Toshiba. (Yes it's old, I'm poor) I'm finding loads of info on the chipset, just non of it useful. All I know is that the card/chipset does support OpenGL and Cura but the drivers don't and Intel really doesn't want you to find legacy drivers (I'm still looking) I wish Cura still supported XP haha.
  6. Thanks. I've tried that, every copy I could. I assumed it would be the openGL settings but I cant get any change even by changing every setting in the driver applet for it. Cura seems to hate everything I own ;( Any idea what specific setting I should be looking for?
  7. That'd be very different, opening internal sockets and disabling my firewall are two different things. I am very conscious of the software running in my machines. Anything that wants out without me asking it to gets the boot. I apologise for misunderstanding your meaning.
  8. Hi guys, another software problem if you may. I purchased a new laptops been one specifically for my 3D printing as running Cura from a VM has been one huge pain in the lower area but even after that the thing is screwy. Cura is working perfectly fine by using generic VGA drivers for the graphic card, just very slow as you would expect. The problem comes when installing intels official drivers. I've tried all I can get, the latest, legacy etc: When installed I cannot see my model with a y detail in Cura. The name of the Ultimaker is blued out, the model is black and the base of the printe
  9. Completely forgot I'd written this =/ Thanks for the replies. The answer in case anybody needs it was simple. I just needed a completely new operating system. I only wish I was told before I spent my life savings on the printer doh! RE: disabling the firewall... What??? If that were the case Cura would be immediately removed from my machine and the printer sold.
  10. I'm having a lot of trouble getting Cura to do... anything. Every time I save a gcode, print, sent to sd path etc: I get a gcode file that reads only "Connect to failed" I've tried so many configurations, so many installations and versions of cura and loads of different files. I've spent 13 hours non stop on this now and I think its time for somebody to tell me I'm doing something dumb =( Anybody?
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