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  1. Hi, I have a bad x limit switch that i need to replace and before I dive into replacing it I thought I'd ask if there are any instructions or need to know things before I start. Also this item is hard to find in the U.S. Is there a company here in America that sales this item? Any help appreciated. Thanks Ji
  2. thanks for the reply and the advise. I'm using PLA temp at 225 deg. 100% speed but slowed it down same effect. I just replaced the coupler. The material flows from nozzle in a straight line so I don't think it's the material or extruder. I've noticed that when I turn printer off and try to move in x y directions that it seems very tight or hard to move?? any suggestions? Jim
  3. Maybe someone has the same problem. My question is what causes the print to be off? see attached pic. would a factory reset cure this problem? the print looks as if a strong wind was blowing as it was printing?? thanks Jim
  4. I have just updated Cura 2.1 to 2.3 and I can't find anywhere to change the nozzle diameter. Can't even find the manual for the upgrade to 2.3? ANY HELP OUT THERE?
  5. I accidently burnt one of my fans and need to know where I can buy new ones without having to wait 2 weeks from distributor overseas? Are there distributors here in the states where I can purchase this as an off the shelf item? I also am thinking of buying the 3dsolex upgrade print head has anyone tried this and what do you think of it. thanks
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